Drupal governance announcements: Coding standards ratified changes and ongoing proposals

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The TWG coding standards committee is announcing two coding standards changes for final discussion. These appear to have reached a point close enough to consensus for final completion. The new process for proposing and ratifying changes is documented on the coding standards project page.
Official coding standards updates now ratified:
Prefer != to <> for NOT EQUALS
Stop disallowing camelCase for local variables / parameters
Should we require a blank line after <?php?
Issues awaiting core approval:
[policy] Define coding standards for anonymous functions (closures)
Add type hinting to function declaration coding standards – sidelined on discussions around how to handle versioned coding standards (for which there is a separate issue
Issues that just need a little TLC (you can help!):
[Policy, no patch] PHP 5.4 short array syntax coding standards – we just need some specific proposed language and this will be ratified
[policy, no patch] Standardize indenting on chained method calls is blocked on the related coder rule issue
[Policy, no patch] Delete permission to pad spacing in a block of related assignments needs more support – do you want this change?
These proposals will be re-evaluated during the next coding standards meeting currently scheduled for August 30th. At that point the discussion may be extended, or if clear consensus has been reached one or more policies may be dismissed or ratified and moved to the next step in the process.
Source: Drupal Aggregator

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