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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

Drupal is Good?

Before joining Viget I built websites on Drupal for Congressmen and Fortune 500 companies. Those websites were good, and they’re visited by millions of people. I’ve been to Drupal Cons, I’ve been to Drupal meet-ups, and I’ve given presentations on Drupal topics. I wouldn’t have a career as a developer without Drupal, but I wouldn’t recommend Drupal. “So if not Drupal, then what?” It depends. Anyone who says they know the solution before they know the problem is lying, wrong, or guessing. At Viget, we can figure out what the best solution is to a problem. That solution may be a static website, a solution with Contentful, a Craft site, a custom-built CMS, or something we haven’t thought of yet. It depends on the project. We’ve written about this before. We have come up with reasons to go off-the-shelf or to go custom-built. We have compared off-the-shelf CMS’s and we…

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Building an Open Source Photo Gallery with Face and Object Recognition (Part 1)

In this two-part series of blog posts, I’m going to show you how we built a Drupal 8 photo gallery site, integrated with Amazon S3, Rekognition, and Lambda to automatically detect faces (allowing us to automatically identify names!) and objects found in our photos. Acquia Build Week Every year, Acquia puts on Build Week, a week-long event where Acquia’s engineering teams (along with other departments, like OCTO, Professional Services, and more!) come together to learn, collaborate, and inspire a little crazy. One of the most intense, fun, and productive parts of Build Week is the two-day Hackathon. Every year there are some new and interesting initiatives, spanning a very wide range of interests. Some projects, like the exploration and strengthening of Drupal 8’s then-nascent Configuration Management tools, are geared towards building up Drupal 8. Other projects are more imaginative and exploratory, like augmented reality shopping experiences, which demonstrated how Acquia…

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Decoupling Drupal with Waterwheel for Ember and React

As I’ve written previously, the Waterwheel ecosystem and Reservoir distribution help pave the way for non-Drupal developers to use decoupled Drupal as a headless back end without having to learn a lick of Drupal or PHP. Thanks to the Contenta team, there is now a growing slate of applications backed by decoupled Drupal and web services modules like JSON API and Simple OAuth. Now, the Waterwheel team is excited to release several new projects that benefit developers developing JavaScript applications built in Ember and React. With the release of reference applications in Ember and React and an Ember add-on, the Waterwheel ecosystem is moving beyond SDKs like Waterwheel.js and toward a larger range of plugins, boilerplates, and examples to help you develop your Drupal-backed JavaScript applications more swiftly. Best of all, these projects can be used interchangeably to build applications backed by API-first Drupal 8 with JSON API, Acquia’s just-released…

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Drupal Developer – IQ Solutions – Remote

The Drupal Developer creates applications; Experience in Drupal site building, module development and Drupal theming equivalent to an Acquia Grand Master…From IQ Solutions – Thu, 22 Jun 2017 03:28:32 GMT – View all Remote jobs Source:

Using the Drupal Theme Developer Module

There is one module that makes designing for Drupal 7 much, much easier: Theme Developer. You can think of Theme Developer as a Drupal-specific version of Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools. Using Theme developer you can click on any element of your Drupal site and get a breakdown of how it was built. Theme Developer has some downsides: it’s not been updated in a while, and (like anything related to the Devel module) shouldn’t be used on live sites. But, it can still be a useful tool for Drupal 7 themers. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]] Source:

Installing Commerce 2.x without Composer, with Ludwig

The average Drupal Commerce site depends on many external PHP libraries. Address needs commerceguys/addressing and Commerce needs commerceguys/intl. GeoIP needs geoip2/geoip2 and Search API Solr needs solarium/solarium. Each payment gateway needs a matching SDK. These libraries must be downloaded separately, because license constraints prevent us from committing their code to itself. For the past 5 years, the primary and only way to download and use PHP libraries has been Composer, a command line tool. Composer works per-project, meaning each Drupal install has one folder for all PHP libraries it requires, regardless of which module needs which. This allows Composer to detect and prevent conflicts such as incompatible library versions. Composer also recursively resolves dependencies, automatically installing and updating packages required by other packages. This is a major benefit to Drupal site administrators compared to previous tools like Drush Make. However, Drupal’s reliance on the Composer-generated autoloader makes it impossible…

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Announcing OpenEDU: An open source Drupal distribution for higher education

When organizations are able to save time and money during development, they are able to devote more resources to strategic and innovative initiatives. The ability to jumpstart development and extend invaluable resources is especially important to institutions of higher education. OpenEDU is a pre-configured Drupal 8 implementation that is specifically built for higher education institutions. It enables universities to accelerate the development of sites by providing a “kickstart” set of features. OpenEDU is a community-driven initiative developed in partnership with ImageX and Acquia. Open source solutions provide higher institutions with a completely different way of operating, in comparison to their proprietary counterparts. With Drupal, not only do you have access to documentation, but you also have access to the code that makes it work. The ability for higher education organizations to own their platform, free from expensing licensing fees or restrictive vendor-lock in, establishes a more open starting point for…

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Drupal Site-Builder Job in Bangalore with Front end themeing knowledge position is open

Bangalore, Karnataka, India Source:

Drupal Developer – IQ Solutions – Atlanta, GA

The Drupal Developer creates applications; Experience in Drupal site building, module development and Drupal theming equivalent to an Acquia Grand Master…From IQ Solutions – Wed, 17 May 2017 00:01:37 GMT – View all Atlanta jobs Source:

Web Developer – AL DÍA News Media – United States

AL DÍA seeks a full-time, on-site web developer with Drupal site-building and responsive theme expertise to:….From AL DÍA News Media – Mon, 15 May 2017 12:02:06 GMT – View all jobs Source:

Drupal Site Builder – FEN Learning / StoryArc Media – Boston, MA

2+ years of Drupal site building experience, with some experience working with Drupal 8. You will work with our Architect/Lead Drupal Developer and offshore…From FEN Learning / StoryArc Media – Tue, 09 May 2017 00:01:19 GMT – View all Boston jobs Source:

Managing Drupal Sites with Composer

Talking through the growing pains of using Drupal with Composer dependency management at DrupalCon Baltimore. Drupal gets better when companies, organizations, and individuals build or fix something they need and then share it with the rest of us. Open source technologies become better, stronger, and smarter when others take it upon themselves to make a positive difference contributing their knowledge, time, and energy to it. Acquia is proud to play a part, alongside thousands of others, in making tomorrow’s Drupal better than today’s. One of the people making a difference is Jeff Geerling. Jeff Geerling (geerlingguy), Senior Technical Architect at Acquia, is a prolific and valued open source contributor. He has 150+ open source projects around both the Ansible and Drupal projects. His Drupal modules are used by almost 100,000 sites. I spoke with him about the BoF session he set up at DrupalCon Baltimore, Managing Drupal Sites with Composer.…

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Drupal Site Builder position is open @TeacherVision @FamilyEducation

Boston, MA, United States Source:

Dungeons & Dragons & Drupal

For the past twenty years, whenever I learn a new language or technology, I follow the same pattern. First, I’ll follow along with some online tutorials or examples from books or the back of a magazine. Next, I try to use this language to solve some simple problem I’ve been having lately. Finally, when I want to be certain I grok it, I build a Dungeons & Dragons character generator. If I can do that, I can build anything a project throws my way. At this year’s DrupalCon in Baltimore, MD, I will be discussing the parallels between Dungeons & Dragons and Drupal site building. Dungeons & Dragons is a microcosm of Drupal site building involving narrative-driven business logic, intensely detail-oriented rules, and even edge cases that only have to be considered because of that one Chaotic Neutral stakeholder. D&D Player Characters are made up of fielded data that has…

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PHP Notices, Warnings and Errors on Your Drupal Site

Websites will run into problems. Whether you’re using Drupal or any other software, there will be problems at some point. Drupal runs on PHP and when PHP has problems, it reports them to you. However, often these errors will appear on your site and will be visible to visitors: However, often these errors will appear on your site and will be visible to visitors: [[ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]] Source:

Drupal Global Training Day on March 18 at Valuebound

Start:  2017-03-18 10:30 – 15:00 Asia/Kolkata Organizers:  neerajskydiver Event type:  Training (free or commercial) Drupal Global Training Days is an exciting initiative from the Drupal community to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal and we at Valuebound are excited to announce a session on 18th March to welcome newcomers to the Drupal community and empower them to start great work. This is an initiative coordinated by the Drupal Association as a part of the Global Training Days to introduce new people to the wonderful world of Drupal. You will build a live website yourself , be a part of the Drupal community and explore career opportunities in Drupal Difficulty Level: Introductory Proposed Session: Get started with development in Drupal 8. Learn about the main features and concepts of Drupal with live practice sessions. By the end of this training session you will know about the terminologies associated with…

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Drupal 8 Module (Distro!) of the Week: Panopoly

This week: The Drupal 8 Panopoly distribution // Drupal 8 has more and more features available practically every day. Alongside module migrations and new projects, the Drupal community’s latest major release also offers new ways of solving common problems. Some functionality has moved to Drupal core and new modules have taken up the torch along the way. In this series, the Acquia Developer Center is profiling useful solutions–modules, themes, distros, and more–available for Drupal 8. I chatted with the maintainer of the Panopoly distro and co-founder of, David Snopek (dsnopek). He calls himself “a Drupal developer, consultant, and entrepreneur.” He contributes a lot to Drupal and its community: as a member of the Drupal Security Team, maintaining or co-maintaining “20-ish” projects on, and co-organizing Drupal414, the local Drupal meetup in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “Panopoly is a success story of the open source contribution long tail: lots of people giving…

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Ektron to Drupal Conversion: Content Migration

In January of 2015, Accel-KKR, a private equity firm, combined Ektron and the Swedish company Episerver into a single company and CMS platform. This has caused many organizations to choose to migrate off the Ektron platform and onto a CMS like Drupal. Two factors are driving this trend: the high cost of an Episerver license upgrade, and the fact that the open source landscape has evolved significantly over the prior decade, to the point where many enterprise organizations (from private and public corporations to government entities) have embraced Drupal and the open source community. When making this kind of migration, there are several factors to keep in mind which require proper planning and careful consideration. An upcoming Acquia Tech Talk, 3 Tips for a Successful Ektron to Drupal Conversion, will give you a good idea what you need to know to pull off an Ektron-to-Drupal migration, and it’s coming right…

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