Why I Called My Company Filthy Rich Writer

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My company teaches people how to write copy and how to build their careers and businesses. I probably could have gone with “Copywriting Training Resources” or something like that.
But I didn’t. I really didn’t.
I went with Filthy Rich Writer. And some people hate that name. I mean, a loathing that seems all out of proportion.
But I’m okay with that. Here’s why.
First, it was important to me that the name made people stop and think. I wanted them to read it and go, “Hold up! Is that for real?”
Because it doesn’t seem real, right? Most people—except, maybe, for wide-eyed college students and people who still think a newsroom consists of Cary Grant bantering with Rosalind Russell—most people think you can’t make money as a writer.
And, in many ways, they’re right: You can’t make a good living as a blogger, a novelist, or even a journalist. It’s deeply sad, but true.
But they’re also wrong: Because you can make a good living, a great living, as a copywriter. Not a gimmicky, “write online sales letters and retire this year” copywriter, but a real one.
And I also wanted people to know how good that life can be. For me, being “filthy rich” means having a job you love, being good at it, and being paid well to do it.
Some people get that. But some people definitely don’t.
Every time I post an ad on Facebook, I get people who don’t even click, but who comment with things like “Scam!” or “Another BS ad in my feed.”
And, yes, they don’t make me feel particularly great, so I usually delete them. (It makes me feel better.)

But those comments are also important: They remind me of who I don’t want to work with.
The kinds of people who immediately label things as “spam” or “BS” are the kinds of people who said humans weren’t meant to walk on the moon or that a doctor would never transplant a heart.
Healthy skepticism is great, but the kinds of people who shut themselves off to things before they even understand it, just aren’t worth the price to even educate. We’re happy to prove ourselves to these people, and we’ve got plenty of proof to offer, but they’ve already made up their minds.
The people who say, “You can’t make a good living as a copywriter” are being proven wrong literally every single day by thousands of people. Maybe hundreds of thousands.
Just because they don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
A Filthy Rich Writer is who I am, it’s who our students want to be, and it’s who they are becoming—if they’re not already there. Every time one of our students lands an ad agency job or a huge freelance client, that’s exactly who they are.
So I don’t care if some people don’t like the name of our company. The people who are open to changing their lives and making them better, get it—and those are the people I want to work with. The rest of ‘em? Delete.
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