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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

HTML Email and Accessibility

You love HTML emails, don’t you? As a developer, probably not… but subscribers absolutely do. They devour them, consume them on every device known to man, and drive a hell of a lot of revenue for companies that take their email marketing seriously. But most web developers tasked with building HTML emails merely want to get them out the door as quickly as possible and move on to more interesting assignments. Despite email’s perennial value for subscribers, tight timelines, and a general loathing of the work result in things falling by the wayside; and, just like in the web world, one of the first things to be set aside in email is accessibility. I think we all agree that accessibility is a vital topic. Unfortunately, it’s one that’s ignored in the email marketing world even more than on the web. Accessibility in email doesn’t have to consume a lot of…

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The Wix dev team throws their hat into the CSS preprocessor ring: Stylable is a CSS preprocessor that enables you to write reusable, highly-performant, styled components. Each component exposes a style API that maps its internal parts so you can reuse components across teams without sacrificing stylability. Scopes styles to components so they don’t “leak” and clash with other styles. Enables custom pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements that abstract the internal structure of a component. These can then be styled externally. Uses themes so you can apply different look and feel across your web application. At build time, the preprocessor converts the Stylable CSS into flat, static, valid, vanilla CSS that works cross-browser. Looks like Sass luminary Chris Eppstein is getting in on the game of scoped styles with the not-yet-released CSS Blocks. And think of Vue’s support for <style scoped>, and the popularity of utility libraries. I think scoped styles might…

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Marketing Jobs?

Oh the promise of sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence to automatically send current and potential customers the exact right email at the exact right time to get them to buy more things.I just perused a food delivery service this week and started the signup process before abandoning. The robots dutifully sent me follow-ups with coupons and welcome messages to convince me to become a customer.It’s no doubt effective when it’s done right. But I think it blinds most people trying to market their business to something even more important.Do you drink coffee? I bet you do. Afterall, 83% of the adult population does.It’s no wonder we do. Apart from being addictive it’s also convenient and it’s customized. Coffee historians call these the waves of coffee.Before 1850 people were grinding and roasting coffee themselves. The first wave was Folgers in a can; the second wave was Starbucks. You could now get coffee anyway…

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What Matters Most When You Apply: Six Myths Debunked

Job searching is daunting. Polishing your cover letter(s), perfecting your resume, and finding a professional photo for your LinkedIn is practically a full-time job in itself. Sure, college career centers and bootcamps have great resources and networks, but most job seekers are doing the majority of the legwork themselves. As a recent(ish) college grad who now sits on the other side of the job search, I want to debunk some of the myths that I had heard coming into my first job search. If you’re applying to a small or medium-sized agency like Viget, you can confidently disregard these myths and, hopefully, have a more successful job search. #1: Job Applications Go Straight Into the Ether Most applications go through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or into an HR specific-email. It’s easy to think that because you’re not submitting your resume directly to a person that your application just disappears into…

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Advocating for Accessible UI Design

Accessibility is a hot topic these days, and the older we web-makers get, the hotter it’s going to become! That might be a snarky outlook, but what I’m trying to say is that it’s about time we start designing the web for everyone because the web was meant to be for everyone, and less and less are we able to predict where, when, and how our work will be consumed. Accessibility is not just up to developers As developers, we often encounter accessibility post-design, when we do things like implementating the correct role and aria attributes, ensuring navigation is keyboard friendly, and responsibly hiding elements. In general, our accessibility efforts go towards thinking about how to make specific components and features accessible, such as an SVG icon system or helpful tool-tips. Given our roles as developers, this makes sense. Accessibility flaws, however, often originate in the UI design itself, and…

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How to Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins by @lorenbaker

Here’s how aligning your SEO and content teams can help your brand achieve maximum marketing impact.The post How to Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins by @lorenbaker appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

Senior Drupal / PHP Developer (Permanent Melbourne Based Position) position is open

Melbourne, VIC, Australia Source:

How to prepare for a one-on-one meeting as an employee

Many managers say flat-out that their biggest frustration is when employees are not prepared for a one-on-one meeting.Yikes, really?Over the past four years, I’ve heard countless of managers, CEOs, and business owners say a version of this to me:“During a one-on-one, I’ll ask a question and there’s silence on the other end. Or they’ll use it as a complaining session and it’s clear they haven’t been thoughtful about what feedback they’re offering. The lack of preparation just kills me.”As an employee, this may be somewhat surprising to hear. We often underestimate how vexing it can be for a manager when we don’t come fully prepared to a one-on-one meeting.I know I didn’t prepare for any of my one-on-ones, six years ago, when I was an employee. Out of fear, anxiety, and a bit of dread for what the conversation was going to be like, I pushed my impending one-on-one meeting out of…

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Senior Marketing Project Manager – TSheets – Boise, ID

CMS experience with Drupal or WordPress. High level understanding of developer and creative design tools and processes….From TSheets – Tue, 21 Nov 2017 00:22:12 GMT – View all Boise, ID jobs Source:

Happier HTML5 Form Validation

HTML has given us loads of form validation stuff in the last few years. Dave Rupert puts a point on the UX problems with it: If you’ve ever experimented with HTML5 Form Validation, you’ve probably been disappointed. The out-of-box experience isn’t quite what you want. Adding the required attribute to inputs works wonderfully. However the styling portion with input:invalid sorta sucks because empty inputs are trigger the :invalid state, even before the user has interacted with the page. Fortunately, there is an invalid DOM event that does fire with useful timing: when the form is submitted. Remember this doesn’t buy you super deep browser support though. If you need that, look into polyfilling. I imagine the future of form validation is either HTML/CSS offering better and more controllable UX, or this. Direct Link to Article — Permalink Happier HTML5 Form Validation is a post from CSS-Tricks Source: CssTricks

Airplanes and Ashtrays

Harry Roberts wrote about design systems and how compromise has to be baked into them from the very start. He argues that we can’t be dictatorial about what is and isn’t permitted because design, whether that’s the design of a product, service or system, is always about compromise. Harry writes: Whenever you plan or design a system, you need to build in your own ashtrays—a codified way of dealing with the inevitability of somebody doing the wrong thing. Think of what your ideal scenario is—how do you want people to use whatever you’re building—and then try to identify any aspects of it which may be overly opinionated, prescriptive, or restrictive. Then try to preempt how people might try to avoid or circumvent these rules, and work back from there until you can design a safe middle-ground into your framework that can accept these deviations in the safest, least destructive way possible.…

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PHP/Drupal Developer position is open @atendesign

Denver, CO, United States Source:

Getting Started with Drupal

Start:  2017-11-29 09:00 – 16:00 America/Managua Organizers:  dinarcon Event type:  Training (free or commercial) Trainer: Agaric – Mauricio Dinarte This training is aimed at people just starting with Drupal. Basic concepts will be explained and later put into practice. The objective is that someone, who might not even know about Drupal, can understand the different concepts and building blocks to create a website. By the end of the day, a simple yet fully functional website will be built. In particular, attendees will learn about: Drupal installation requirements and process Nodes Content types Fields Blocks Theme regions Views User and permissions Menus Taxonomy Module installation and configuration The training will focus on Drupal 8, but most of the concepts also apply to previous versions. Anything specific to Drupal 8 will be noted as such. Sign up here: A link to the live training on Zoom will be provided when you…

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Live Share / Teletype

Amanda Silver introduces “Visual Studio Live Share”, which: enables developers using Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code to collaborate in real-time! This goes a bit deeper than just a multiple-cursors thing. Both people get all the same fancy VS code UI stuff like IntelliSense and Peek. GitHub’s Atom editor also has Teletype, which: lets developers share their workspace with team members and collaborate on code in real time. Atom has the concept of a host, in which: As the host moves between files, collaborators follow along with the active tab automatically. I’d be remiss not to mention CodePen has Collab Mode and Professor Mode, which require zero setup. Shoot someone a URL and go! Direct Link to Article — Permalink Live Share / Teletype is a post from CSS-Tricks Source: CssTricks

Lead Developer Drupal position is open

Shanghai, China Source:

George and Dynamite

I saw this on Reddit the other day… I immediately LOL’d: Ooops. Of course, this reminds me of the brand that I created for George where I purposely created this type of imagery: There he is…! George! The idea here was simple… George, who is your best friend in the entire world, wants to love on you all the time. He’s there when you wake up in the morning and he’s there when you head to sleep. In fact, he’s persistently and constantly vigilant, on your behalf, ensuring that you get all that you need to get done! And, on he’ll do whatever he can to help you out! When he finds things that he believes you might like he brings them to you faithfully… and, in this case, innocently. Again, he just wants to love on you! Don’t worry…! It’s more like this… But why the dynamite? Why an “explosive” device?…

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Recreating the Apple Watch Breathe App Animation

The Apple Watch comes with a stock app called Breathe that reminds you to, um, breathe. There’s actually more to it than that, but the thought of needing a reminder to breathe makes me giggle. The point is, the app has this kinda awesome interface with a nice animation. Photo courtesy of Apple Support I thought it would be fun to recreate the design in vanilla CSS. Here’s how far I got, which feels pretty close. See the Pen Apple Watch Breathe App Animation by Geoff Graham (@geoffgraham) on CodePen. Making the circles First things first, we need a set of circles that make up that flower looking design. The app itself adds a circle to the layout for each minute that is added to the timer, but we’re going to stick with a static set of six for this demo. It feels like we could get tricky by using…

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The One Thing You Need to Do to Build a Top Content Marketing Strategy

How to cut through the noise and provide consumers with engaging and personalized content that’s also consistent with brand voice.The post The One Thing You Need to Do to Build a Top Content Marketing Strategy appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

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