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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

Creating your own meme generator

Almost every time a new meme pops up in my Twitter feed, I think of a witty version to create. I’m not alone in this. Memes are often a way to acknowledge a shared experience or idea. In a variation of the “Is this a pigeon” meme that has been making the rounds online, a designer Daryl Ginn joked about the elementary nature of most applications that say they use artificial intelligence. — Daryl Ginn (@darylginn) May 16, 2018 Several people replied to his tweet saying something along the lines of “replace this with this.” Daryl’s version got them thinking about other possible variations. Platforms like imgFlip exist to make meme generations fast and easy. However, there is only so much customization they can allow. For many memes, creating new versions can only be done by people with Photoshop knowledge. But it doesn’t have to be so! For some…

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Instagram Caption: The Secret 7-Ingredients Recipe

A picture paints a thousand words, right? Not necessarily. Although Instagram is a visual medium, nailing your Instagram caption is almost as critical as the photo (or video) itself. That’s because those few lines of text not only help to provide context for your image but they also help to showcase your brand’s personality. But Read more Source:

Cycling in Bruges' countryside

It was such a beautiful day at the Belgian coast that we decided to go on a bike ride. We ended up doing a 44 km (27 miles) ride that took us from the North Sea beach, through the dunes into the beautiful countryside around Bruges. The photo shows the seemingly endless rows of poplar trees along a canal in Damme. The canal (left of the trees, not really visible in the photo) was constructed by Napoleon Bonaparte to enable the French army to move around much faster and to transport supplies more rapidly. At the time, canal boats were drawn by horses on roads alongside the canal. Today, many of these narrow roads have been turned into bike trails. Source: Dries Buytaert

The Top 12 WordPress Themes for Sports Websites

WordPress is the most popular blogging system in the world today. Developed by the WordPress Foundation, it was released in May 2003 to widespread acclaim. One of the key factors behind the success of WordPress is that it has a built-in template system. This allows users to easily switch between pre-made themes that change the look and feel of their website. Themes are essentially user-created templates that WordPress administrators can freely access (or purchase) for their own website. Once installed, the appearance of the website changes as the PHP, HTML, and CSS makeup of the page are reconfigured. WordPress themes make it easy to launch your own personalized website. Whether your website is all about political affairs or the latest financial market speculation, there are WordPress themes that can appeal to your target demographic. If you want to build a sports-related website, WordPress is the platform for you. With hundreds…

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Independent Thinking

I’ve been reminded, viscerally, in the past few weeks that independent thinking is in very, very short supply. As much as we’d like to think that others (and even ourselves) are mature enough to carry our own opinions without submitting ourselves to the whims of others… the mark is missed wildly in reality. My brother and I have been deep into fundraising for our new project and we have encountered many people who cannot seem to make an independent decision. These people are otherwise brilliant (as far as I can tell) but are still subject to the whims and will(s) of others. Which, of course, is sad. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as it separates the wheat from the chaff and it allows us to partner with truly independent thinkers who see the opportunity plainly and without group-think bias. We’ve ended up saying “Yes” to those types of folks. On…

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Mollom: The story of my first SaaS startup

Last month, Acquia discontinued service and support for Mollom, the spam service I started more than ten years ago. As a goodbye, I want to share the untold story of how I founded Mollom. In 2007, I read Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Work Week, and was hooked. The book provides a blueprint for how entrepreneurs can structure and build a business to fund the lifestyle of their dreams. It’s based on Ferriss’ own experience; he streamlined his business, automated systems and outsourced tasks until it was not only more profitable, but also took less of his time to operate. The process of automation and outsourcing was so efficient, Ferriss only spent four hours a week to run his business; this gave him time and freedom to take “mini-retirements”, travel the world, and write a book. When I first read Ferriss’ book, I was inspired by the idea of simultaneously…

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Freebie: 100 Awesome Photos from Moni’s Photo

Moni is a young artist who loves photography. On Moni’s Photo you can download all the photos for free and use them for your personal and commercial projects.  Moni’s Photo covers various topics from business and technology to nature, animals and more. All photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use them for free, including commercial purposes. Download the best 100 photos beneath the previews. Get the free photo pack from here. The post Freebie: 100 Awesome Photos from Moni’s Photo appeared first on Inspired Magazine. Source:

What’s New in Basecamp 3.9 for iOS

This release is all about usability improvements. Download it for iPhone and iPad from the App Store now.Find tab improvements 🔍The Find tab now lets you quickly jump to anything you recently viewed without having to type a word! When you open Find, you’ll see your most recently visited pages, making it super easy to quickly get back to something you were viewing. Or start typing to instantly search in place for anything in your Basecamp account. You can also use advanced filters to define even more specific search terms. Go forth and find!New project and team pages ⚡️The old project and team pages were… slow. We decided to speed them up, as well as feature your team’s latest activity more prominently with this new design. Instead of nearly identical cards for each tool, you’ll see a unique icon in a bright color, making them easier to recognize. Each icon also has a…

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Running Hardware Hackathons

A while ago we ran the Pebble Rocks Boulder (PRB) hardware hackathon here in Boulder, Colorado. This was a 48 hour non-stop hackathon focused on the then freshly announced Pebble smart strap. Collectively the goal had been to bring together talented folks and technology in the hopes of generating a handful of clever ideas and projects. However after the dust settled, and the antics were over, what was created was far more than we had expected. We invited teams from around the nation to compete, but instead they ended up collaborating. Teams cannibalized a 3D printer farm, sprawled into one another’s spaces, stayed up late debugging each others problems. As organizers we had unexpectedly stumbled into a world that could, in truth, only survive for two full days. It was a taste of festival life but without the extremes. Along the way we picked up some tips and tricks for…

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8 Best Free Photo Editing Apps For Marketers

Photo editing tools are becoming essential as the quality of social media images escalates. Customers want to see ads that are aesthetically pleasing and fit in with the rest of their highly visual feeds. That means you need to produce high-quality posts for your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. But what if you don’t have an Read more Source:

How to use Drupal 8's off-canvas dialog in your modules

The goal of this tutorial is to show how to use Drupal 8.5’s new off-canvas dialog in your own Drupal modules. The term “off-canvas” refers to the ability for a dialog to slide in from the side of the page, in addition to resizing the page so that no part of it is obstructed by the dialog. You can see the off-canvas dialog in action in this animated GIF: This new Drupal 8.5 feature allows us to improve the content authoring and site building experience by turning Drupal outside-in. We can use the off-canvas dialog to enable the content creator or site builder to seamlessly edit content or configuration in-place, and see any changes take effect immediately. There is no need to navigate to the administrative backend to make edits. As you’ll see in this tutorial, it’s easy to use the off-canvas dialog in your own Drupal modules. I use…

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Real Photo

I’m not surprised by the results: Sadly, the internet is broken. We have a lot of work to do. The post Real Photo appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

My POSSE plan for evolving my site

In an effort to reclaim my blog as my thought space and take back control over my data, I want to share how I plan to evolve my website. Given the incredible feedback on my previous blog posts, I want to continue the conversation and ask for feedback. First, I need to find a way to combine longer blog posts and status updates on one site: Update my site navigation menu to include sections for “Blog” and “Notes”. The “Notes” section would resemble a Twitter or Facebook livestream that catalogs short status updates, replies, interesting links, photos and more. Instead of posting these on third-party social media sites, I want to post them on my site first (POSSE). The “Blog” section would continue to feature longer, more in-depth blog posts. The front page of my website will combine both blog posts and notes in one stream. Add support for Webmention,…

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Using CSS Clip Path to Create Interactive Effects

Do you remember being a kid, cutting out pictures from magazines? Did you glue them onto paper to create your own collages? This post is about cutting out images on the web using the CSS property clip-path. We will discuss how to do the cutting and how we can use these cut-out parts to create some interesting effects, combining these cut-out parts with the original image. I’ll use the following photo as an example. The flower stands out from the rest of the photo. It is a natural focal point to cut out and create our effects around. Image courtesy of Unsplash. Credit: Hermes Rivera Creating the SVG First off, we are going to create a new SVG file and import our example image into it. You will need image editing software with vector capability to make the cut. I’m using Inkscape, a free open source editor, but you can…

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New Year, New Updates for Basecamp 3 on Android

We’ve updated the Basecamp 3 Android app to coincide with the launch of the Basecamp 3 refresh. What’s new?💨 Navigation takes you to Projects and Teams faster🗺 Sticky titles and breadcrumbs keep you from getting lost🎨 Themes and overall styling updated to match the refresh💨 Navigation takes you to Projects and Teams fasterWhether you have one Project or one hundred, we know you’re using the Android app to check on Basecamp quickly, on-the-go.📌 Pinned Projects and Teams are more prominent on the Home Screen. Quickly scan for the Projects that matter to you. These pinned Projects and Teams stand out when you’re sharing a video from YouTube or uploading a photo or PDF.Pinned Projects and Teams are more prominent.🔍 Quick Jump to a Project or Team by typing a few letters in Search. Just start typing in the Search field. Since Search is accessible on nearly every screen, you can quickly switch back and forth between…

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Deliberate Practice?

Photo by Steven LelhamThere’s an endless list of books about how the greatest become the greatest — deliberate practice. They don’t just show up time after time. They also set short measurable goals and keep stretching them.Time your runs. Swim a bit faster. Get yourself over that pull up bar just one more time.That’s great for performance sports. The goals are easily measurable.But I’m not looking to be, for example, a fast editor. I’d like to be a better, more creative, editor. I want to build bigger audiences. And get more subscribers this week.So how do you deliberately practice in the creative field where success is often external, unpredictable, and uncontrollable?Here’s four ways I’ve found over the years to deliberately practice being more creative.RepetitionHow many times have you redone something? Probably not more than 18. Monet painted at least 18 haystacks that we’re aware of. He destroyed a bunch too.Work on the same thing over and…

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“Build an audience? Bah. I’m a nobody.”

Photo by NeONBRAND“We all know we need to build an audience. Out-teach the competition. Collect those fans and emails before I even have something to sell, so when I do have something to sell, the money will come rolling in. Enough already. I haven’t accomplished anything. No one cares what I have to say. I can’t build an audience with this track record. And I’m a terrible teacher.”I was a broke college student. I didn’t spend much besides getting the essentials, but money made during the summer, even working as much overtime as my boss would allow, evaporated quickly. The quintessential example of how broke I was — I rolled up to a gas station on my way to an interview for an internship, pumped the car full of gas, and went inside the station to get cash from the ATM.Except there was no cash. My bank account was empty.I was ashamed and embarrassed…

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Before You Launch A Startup, Learn This

Photo by Lisa BrewsterMy 2011 startup with Y Combinator imploded, largely because we couldn’t get enough traction. What was I going to do next? And more importantly, how was I going to avoid repeating my mistakes?A couple weeks ago my wife was out of town, so my three year old daughter and I had our weekend together. We went to see My Little Pony.I enjoyed it. Lots of great voice actors. Including Sia! She pretty much plays herself as a pony. Similar hair/wig style, and she sings in it.My daughter was traumatized.Well that’s a bit strong. Let’s just say she was in my lap the whole time worried about what was going to happen to those damn ponies. But she’d stop covering her eyes and be right back in the movie. Only to again fear for the ponies lives.There’s something interesting there. How did this movie succeed at capturing her attention so well? So…

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