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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions: 5 Tactics to Boost Performance by @Aimclear

Gmail Sponsored Promotions provide insight into email behavior while generating conversions. Here are targeting tactics to improve your next campaign.The post Gmail Sponsored Promotions: 5 Tactics to Boost Performance by @Aimclear appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

Google to Stop Using Information in Gmail to Target Personalized Ads by @MattGSouthern

Later this year, Google will stop using information in Gmail to target personalized ads.The post Google to Stop Using Information in Gmail to Target Personalized Ads by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:


I spent the day with the fine folks at Superhuman and had the distinct pleasure of being onboarded into their new email app. I mention this in the vlog, but, I wanted to capture this moment for posterity because if they are able to move me off of the GMAIL web app after 13 years, then, it would be a literal first! I can’t overstate my commitment to the GMAIL web app after such a long time of using it. I’ve tried every available mail client and app out there but have yet to find a solution that matches the speed and performance of the google’s web service. It’s not that it’s perfect, mind you… it’s just that it’s good enough to get the job done and after 13 years I’ve pretty much resigned myself to it as being the defacto email service. But Superhuman is up for the challenge and I’m quite…

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HelloSign: The Industry’s Fastest eSignature API Integration

My favorite kind of software products are the ones that very clearly make life simpler. Being able to legally sign a document by clicking a button in an email and squiggling my mouse to make my signature is definitely one of those things. You can provide that to your users with HelloSign! You can set up your documents there (it supports all the formats you’d need, like PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc) and start collecting the signatures you need very easily. Set up templates of your commonly used documents. Make sure your branding is present during the signing process. Get notifications when documents are reviewed and signed. There are a bunch more killer features you should be aware of. For example, like I mentioned, you can sign documents without ever leaving your email with their Chrome browser extension for Gmail. Same with Google Docs and Salesforce! Perhaps most importantly, you…

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What is the Future of Front End Web Development?

I was asked to do a little session on this the other day. I’d say I’m underqualified to answer the question, as is any single person. If you really needed hard answers to this question, you’d probably look to aggregate data of survey results from lots of developers. I am a little qualified though. Aside from running this site which requires me to think about front end development every day and exposes me to lots of conversations about front end development, I am an active developer myself. I work on CodePen, which is quite a hive of front end developers. I also talk about it every week on ShopTalk Show with a wide variety of guests, and I get to travel all around going to conferences largely focused on front end development. So let me take a stab at it. Again, disclaimers: This is non-comprehensive These are just loose guesses…

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Delete Google Plus

I’ve been on a really good “cleanse” recently, moving a ton of distraction from my life and even dropping entirely such services as Twitter. The results have been great and the free space that I’ve had psychologically is too good not to repeat. I mean, if you find a great habit to kick then why not rinse and repeat? There are two services that I still have large and “active” accounts with that definitely have a count-down clock, the first is Google+ and the second is LinkedIn. I do not actively engage in those services other than dropping links to blog posts. I don’t have a “community” there and the value, as far as I can tell, is superficial. Hmm… With Google+ I’ve got > 4,200 friends in 3 circles…. wait… no… I have 7,000+ followers…? Google+ Followers…? I’m so confused. Wah… I ‘m not entirely sure how I acquired these friends nor…

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The Tools of an HTML Email Workflow

Last week’s ShopTalk Show was all about HTML Email. It’s such a fascinating subject, as technically it is front-end web development, but it almost feels like a bizarro alternate universe. We have dozens of browsers to worry about, they have hundreds of clients to consider. We worry about whether fancy new APIs are supported, they worry about whether padding is supported. We have grid layout, they have…. grid layout?! It’s tempting to make the joke: “It’s coding like it’s 1999!”, but as we talk about in this episode, that’s not really true. Aside from all that, another thing I thing fascinating are all the tools involved. Lemme think this out. Creation Tools: Bare Metal You can create an email with just HTML. I’m sure quite a lot of HTML email is created this way. Open code editor, create HTML email, send HTML email. I know I’m tempted by this and…

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The 5 Best Email Tracking Tools: Know When Your Email Has Been Opened

When it comes to your business or your job, being able to monitor as many factors as possible is typically a good thing. Google Analytics allows you to track how many visitors are coming to your site, for example, enabling you to know which channels are sending the most traffic to you and what content is performing best. Email tracking is another great example of a tool that can give you great insight into an important part of your business. There are a ton of tracking services available, some free and some paid for, and these are the most reliable and best email tracking tools available, so you don’t have to leave this important part of your business to guesswork. While social media marketing is growing in importance and popularity as a medium to distribute information to users, email is a crucial form of both information distribution and personal contact…

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The Advantage of Comparative Research

No matter how new a problem may be to us, we are never the first person to tackle it. There are always examples to learn from. That said, the way we learn from others’ examples can make the difference between uncritical emulation and a solution that fits the unique problem and context we’re facing. Here I’ll describe what comparative research is, why it’s worth your time, and give an example of how it helped us on a recent project. Some Fundamentals of Comparative Research Comparative research is a way to broaden our thinking about product functionality. It answers questions like, “How have others dealt with this kind of content complexity? What is a good way to conduct this kind of interaction? How are different use cases accounted for?” This type of research is particularly useful when trying to identify best practices that haven’t yet solidified into conventions–ones that aren’t likely…

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Best HTML Email Design Dimensions: How Wide Should Your Email Template Be?

The template you are using for your HTML email marketing campaign can go a long way in converting your email recipients to customers. As such, you need to make sure that people who receive them can view your emails properly. The question is: What is the best width for your email marketing campaign? In this article, we will attempt to answer the question, as well as discuss important tips related to creating effective HTML email newsletters. A Brief Background on HTML Email Design Back in the day, Microsoft Outlook was considered as the primary email client during the time when the average width of the desktop monitor was 1,024 pixels. As a result, email marketers had to conform to the size to fulfill the constraints. From there, the 600-pixel width for HTML email came into being. However, times have changed since then, and screen resolutions have become bigger. In fact,…

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You Kinda Can Use Custom Fonts in HTML Emails

And you use them pretty much just like you’d use custom fonts on a website. Jaina Mistry had the scoop on this last year over on the Litmus blog: While web fonts don’t have universal support, here are the email clients where they are supported: AOL Mail Native Android mail app (not Gmail app) Apple Mail iOS Mail Outlook 2000 app Aside from using a JavaScript font loader, which definitely won’t work in email (no email client will be executing JavaScript), ultimately it comes down to @font-face in CSS. So let’s do that. Say we wanted to use Lato in an email, if we can. Go do the normal Google Fonts thing and find the URL for loading Lato. If you just visit that URL, you can see it’s loading Lato over @font-face, and you can totally snag that code: In your HTML template, you’d put that into a…

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What Kind of Lead Magnet Should You Make?

A lead magnet is basically a bribe. In a world where marketers clamor for “eyeballs,” views, and clicks, a lead magnet cuts through the noise by actually delivering something of value. Yes, you’re angling for something in return—a name, an email address—but you’re getting it honestly. You’re getting it through reciprocation. People like what you’re offering and they want to give you that information in exchange. The problem is that you can’t just give away just anything. The type of lead magnet you choose to use needs to align with your customers’ needs, with your value proposition, and with your market. Picking the right kind of lead magnet could mean the difference between a campaign that flops and one that brings you thousands of new customers. Something your market needs An effective and successful lead magnet will demonstrate the kind of value that your business can offer. It’s not “giving…

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Facebook Ad Custom Audiences: Everything You Need To Know – 2017 UPDATE

We all agree: Facebook Custom Audiences are one of – if not the most – essential tools for successful Facebook advertising campaigns. In this post, we will go through everything you need to know about Custom Audiences – from set up to advanced implementation to tactics. If you’re short on time, or want this information offline, download the fully updated free ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences. If you’re already well versed in Facebook Custom Audiences, feel free to skip around within the article. Here’s the table of contents: How To Create a Facebook Custom Audience Types of Custom Audiences How To Create a “Customer List” Custom Audience How To Create a Website Custom Audience How To Create an App Activity Audience How To Create an Engagement Custom Audience How To Create a Lookalike Audience Targeting Facebook Ads to Custom Audiences 3 Ways To Boost Your Campaigns with Custom Audiences Advanced Custom Audiences with AdEspresso…

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Benefits of Sending Emails That Follow Responsive Design

Newsletters provide businesses with a great way to reach out to their customers. There is a huge chance that most of your customers have a smartphone or tablet, and many of them are subscribers to your newsletter. Likewise, some of your subscribers will probably read your email newsletters on their devices. For this reason, it is important that your email newsletter should follow responsive design. Statistics on Mobile Email Use According to the latest figures for December 2016, about 55 percent of email opens will come from mobile devices, clearly surpassing webmail and desktop email opens. Mobile mail will account for 15 to 70 percent of email opens, depending on the target audience, product, and email type. Given these statistics, it is important to ensure that your email messages are optimized for mobile devices. How to Prepare for Responsive Design in Email Marketing Responsive emails utilize fluid tables and images…

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Hot or Not? Do these 3 Annoying Lead Capturing Tactics Work?

We’ve all seen them. Clicked them. Declined them. Ignored them. And then got pissed off by them. So many damn distractions; from a welcome mat to a pop-up to a slide-in, before another F-ing pop-up takes over your screen again. All before you can even read a single sentence of that blog post you came here for originally (which you already forgot what it was about). So… what gives? Does their performance override how annoying they are? Let’s see. How Pop-Ups Became a ‘Thing’ The nineties were known for many things. Chief among them: ugly denim, bad music, and Birkenstocks. (Wait – why are 90’s happening again?!) was one of the early ‘dot com’ companies who relied almost exclusively on advertisements to bring visibility to their college graduate content and services. ‘Cept one day, things got… messy. Here’s a direct quote from Wikipedia that explains where the inspiration behind the banner ad came from…

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New: Bundled Basecamp 3 Notifications for Inbox by Gmail

If you use Inbox by Gmail, you know how helpful bundles can be for organizing your email.The Basecamp team has worked with Google to organize Basecamp 3 email notifications into bundles. Here’s what it looks like in the Inbox web app:Bundled email notifications from the “Android” project in Basecamp 3Inbox shows you a summary of what’s new in your projects. Every Basecamp email notification is now grouped into a bundle specific to its project or team. Basecamp 3 bundled notifications work great in Android and iOS too:Basecamp 3 bundled email summaries shown on iOS, Bundled emails for “Android” project shown on AndroidIf you use Gmail just go to Inbox by Gmail to start seeing your Basecamp emails organized. Get the Inbox Android app or iOS app to use on your mobile device.Also, now’s a good time to make sure Basecamp is notifying you the way you want. Read our Help Docs for tips on how to…

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22 Gmail Hacks: Turn Your Inbox Into a Productivity Powerhouse by @Web_Vibes

These Gmail hacks will change the way you manage your inbox and make you more productive. If you don’t use Gmail, these tips will make you wish you did.The post 22 Gmail Hacks: Turn Your Inbox Into a Productivity Powerhouse by @Web_Vibes appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

4 Lead Generation Techniques You Aren’t Using Yet

As your business grows, finding and nurturing leads will increase your customer base and brand awareness. In fact, quality leads are so important that Aaron Ross, author of best-selling Predictable Revenue, says they are “like a crystal ball that lets you see future sales performance.” Putting a CTA on your website and setting up an email list are the first steps, but it’s not just about tacking a call-to-action on the end of your blog post. Instead, it’s about choosing the right tools to intrigue potential leads for a robust, offensive lead generation. To jumpstart that offensive strategy, here are four ways to generate leads that you can use to come out swinging. Who can resist a free sample? Let’s face it: everyone loves a freebie. We want free shipping when we shop and free food when we’re at the food court. Free is something that comes up in Facebook…

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Top 10 Google Products You May Not Have Heard About

Google’s quest for total web domination over the last couple of years has produced an army of helpful and successful products, including Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Earth and more. And while Google’s most successful products get a ton of press, they also have a huge list of lesser-known products that deserve a shout-out or two. Below is a list of the top 10 you may not have heard about.

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