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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

Friduction: the internet's unstoppable drive to eliminate friction

There is one significant trend that I have noticed over and over again: the internet’s continuous drive to mitigate friction in user experiences and business models. Since the internet’s commercial debut in the early 90s, it has captured success and upset the established order by eliminating unnecessary middlemen. Book stores, photo shops, travel agents, stock brokers, bank tellers and music stores are just a few examples of the kinds of middlemen who have been eliminated by their online counterparts. The act of buying books, printing photos or booking flights online alleviates the friction felt by consumers who must stand in line or wait on hold to speak to a customer service representative. Rather than negatively describing this evolution as disintermediation or taking something away, I believe there is value in recognizing that the internet is constantly improving customer experiences by reducing friction from systems — a process I like to…

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Paying customers, not paying Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Our new Basecamp Referral Program splits $100 between existing customers and new customers rather than putting it in the pocket of those that track your every move online.Last year we experimented with running ads on Facebook, Google, and Twitter. All-in we spent 6 figures on the experiment. And then we stopped.But what stopped us wasn’t the spend, it was the feel. Every dollar you spend is a vote, and we were casting hundreds of thousands of votes for big companies that are tracking people’s every step, every move, every curiosity, and every detail of their lives. Fuck that.Yeah, they could bring us customers. But we don’t like the way they do it. We don’t want to be complicit in the how. No thank you, no vote.So, armed with the dollars and the drive, how do we introduce Basecamp 3 to more people? Who can we vote for to help us do this? The answer…

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Account Management – Pantheon – San Francisco, CA

Fun at Drupal community events. Practical knowledge of Drupal and WordPress. Identifying and engaging with new technical buyers to increase awareness and drive…From Pantheon – Tue, 16 May 2017 16:58:12 GMT – View all San Francisco jobs Source:

Derailed: Mental Illness

Mental illness is more than just an occasional nuisance… it can destroy the very best things in our lives. Nothing is outside its reach and grasp. This vignette about Paul Alexander hits very close to home: Description: Paul Alexander was a young British skateboarder full of charisma and drive. He discovered the opportunities of sponsorship, travelling and recognition during a move from Leicester to Bristol in his late teens. Living with professional skateboarder Danny Wainwright he became engulfed in the fun, responsibility free lifestyle that came with his chosen pursuit of becoming a pro skateboarder. Paul seemed destined for success then something came to get him, something he’d never experienced before that would take his personal goals and freedom far away from his grasp in a seemingly never ending battle. It can definitely be a never-ending battle, but, it’s one worth fighting for. It’s one worth fighting with others, too,…

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5 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business Right Now by @matt_secrist

Here are five big benefits of blogging for business, plus examples of companies using blogs to drive more traffic.The post 5 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business Right Now by @matt_secrist appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

Zen and the Art of Legacy Web App Maintenance

Before we jump into the nerdy bits here, let’s take a moment to honor the true thinker of Zen, author Robert M. Pirsig, who passed away April 24th, 2017. Quality . . . you know what it is, yet you don’t know what it is. But that’s self-contradictory. But some things are better than others, that is, they have more quality. But when you try to say what the quality is, apart from the things that have it, it all goes poof! — Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance We make a lot of websites and web apps here at Viget. And since we don’t like to hand off our work and tell clients to get lost, we’ve found ourselves maintaining a decent amount of large codebases over the years. While the mere uttering of the words “legacy code” can send developers running for the hills,…

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8 Conversion Optimization Tools to Make You a Better Designer (and Earn More Money)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a great service to compliment your design skills. Half of the process comes down to design anyway but running CRO campaigns gives you great insights into how your design choices impact a brand’s performance in the wild – and it can earn you a nice extra wedge of cash in the same process. Conversion rate optimization means expanding on your existing skills but with today’s CRO tools, this is well within the reach of you as a web designer. here are eight conversion optimization tools to make you a better designer and earn more money. Why offer conversion optimization as a web designer? From a financial perspective, the best thing about conversion optimization is it gives you the opportunity to turn one client into a long-term earner. It’s also a service that businesses are screaming out for right now – and for good reason. After all, who…

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The Next Real Estate Frontier: Relieving Buyer Anxiety

Few life events bring such trepidation, anxiety, and stress than purchasing a home. The process is complex and littered with vocabulary and legalese that makes even the most intelligent person feel like a child. From the perspective of the buyer, the process seems to be an endless stream of disjointed tasks, many of which have potential to derail the entire purchase. Add the financial implications and fear brought on by the previous housing crash, and it’s easy to see why buyers are waiting longer than previous generations to purchase a home. OBSERVATIONS FROM 2007-PRESENT I am currently in the midst of my second home purchase, and I can attest that many of these same feelings still exist despite having some knowledge of what to expect. And while technology played a bigger role this time in our home search, little progress has been made to assuage the feelings described above. By…

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What is Quora and Why Should SEOs Care? by @thewillrobins

Here’s how you can use Q&A site Quora to drive traffic, build authority, and get some SEO benefits.The post What is Quora and Why Should SEOs Care? by @thewillrobins appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

What the Heck Is a Chatbot & How Can It Improve Your PPC Strategy? by @CJGiarratana

You’ll need every competitive advantage you can get to drive conversions with PPC. Learn how chatbots can help your PPC!The post What the Heck Is a Chatbot & How Can It Improve Your PPC Strategy? by @CJGiarratana appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

4 Instagram Marketing Ideas for Higher Engagement & More Followers by @nathanhchan

These Instagram marketing ideas will help your feed look better, drive better engagement, and grow your followers.The post 4 Instagram Marketing Ideas for Higher Engagement & More Followers by @nathanhchan appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

LinkedIn Ads: Everything You Need to Know (Step-by-Step Tutorial Included)

Moment of truth: do you use LinkedIn Ads? If I had to place a bet, I would guess that most people reading this post have not run an ad campaign on LinkedIn. If you haven’t, you’re in the majority—only one of my clients has ever run a LinkedIn campaign. That’s a shame; LinkedIn Ads can provide immense value for certain businesses, especially when they’re used correctly. And that one client? They got results that they were really happy with. Do you want the same? Just keep reading then! We’re going to give you everything you need to get started with LinkedIn Ads, including a step-by-step tutorial. We’ve talked a lot about Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Promoted Pins, and Instagram Ads, but LinkedIn Ads don’t get a lot of attention—on any site. We’re going to change that right now! What Do LinkedIn Ads Look Like? LinkedIn Ads works on a bidding…

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8 Simple AdWords Tips That Will Make You More Money by @CJGiarratana

Here are eight of the most important elements when optimizing your PPC campaigns that will drive more sales.The post 8 Simple AdWords Tips That Will Make You More Money by @CJGiarratana appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

How to Get The Most Results with Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are here, and then they’re gone. They only last 24 hours, so if you want to get results from them, they’d better be good. Instagram stories were one of the platform’s very first Snapchat-like features, which have since exploded into popularity. They garner a massive amount of views, and can be incredibly influential. To get those results, though, you need to know how to use them. We’re going to show you how. Why Use Instagram Stories? You can find Instagram stories at the top of your feed, and they’ll stream seamlessly from one users’ content to the next. According to HootSuite, the feature gained 150 million daily viewers within six months; it took Snapchat 6 years to hit that number. In addition to the fact that you could get a ton of users watching your content, there are a few other benefits to consider. One of the largest…

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How Much Will Your Next Facebook Ad Campaign Cost? (Contains a Free ad Budget Calculator)

Have you ever wanted a magic formula to calculate exactly the cost of your Facebook ads so to get started cheap and easily? Something simple and quick to use for when you’re not sure how much ad budget to allocate for your first ads? Something that can serve as a benchmark and that you’ll be able to adjust specifically to your business? Here you have it! And more than you bargained for! In this guide, we will give you all the tips and tricks you need to set the perfect budget for your Ads plus our secret Calculator! It’s FREE and you can download it at the end of this guide!  Are you ready to get more bang for your buck(s)? I’ve divided this guide into two different sections depending on whether you are running retargeted ads or ads to a cold audience. They are different because the objective usually is different…

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What Not to Wearable: Part 2

In Part 1, I outlined strategies to coordinate the design goals of digital and physical products. Now, I want to take a look at how employing those strategies might yield wearables that appeal to a broad market. Wearables consist of three designed components: The Product This is the object that will house the hardware.The Hardware These are the technology components that make a product “smart.” It includes the sensors, indicators, transmitters (as well as requisite power sources) that are layered into a physical product to add functionality.The Digital Experience This is the suite of apps and interfaces that the user interacts with in relation to the wearable. It may be on the wearable itself (as in a full-display watch) or synced to a device (as with a fitness tracker). There are many articles (including this one and this one) that offer guidance on designing for wearables. But, they all tend…

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How To Seriously Rock Your Revenue With Seasonal SEO by @CJGiarratana

Are you ready to drive more qualified traffic and boost sales? A strong seasonal SEO strategy can help your business reach your goals. Learn how here!The post How To Seriously Rock Your Revenue With Seasonal SEO by @CJGiarratana appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

The 10 Most Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes by @ab80

Avoiding these 10 mobile SEO mistakes will earn you better positions in the SERPs, drive more traffic to your mobile site, and keep your visitors happy.The post The 10 Most Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes by @ab80 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

5 Personalization Hacks that Fly Under the Radar

There’s no doubt. No questioning or debate necessary. Every marketer is trying to personalize. It’s seen as THE trend by most. And yet, results vary. Some still struggle. Slapping on trite $FNAME or $COMPANY wherever possible. Then there’s others setting the bar. Setting the tone. The difference is nuanced. You can’t always see it in front of you when you click on an ad or visit a landing page. But you can feel it. It’s there. And it’s undeniable. Some of the most sophisticated marketing today segment customer bases; delivering real-time personalization to each individual – without them even realizing it. Here’s five examples of what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and you can do it, too. 1. Content vs. Web Personalization Type in and what do you see? It’s not generic. Or static. But a list of recommended products. And a list of suggestions based on past…

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