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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

Which Projects Need React? All Of Them!

When does a project need React? That’s the question Chris Coyier addressed in a recent blog post. I’m a big fan of Chris’ writing, so I was curious to see what he had to say. In a nutshell, Chris puts forward a series of good and bad reasons why one might want to use React (or other similar modern JavaScript libraries) on a project. Yet while I don’t disagree with his arguments, I still find myself coming to a different conclusion. So today, I’m here to argue that the answer to “When does a project need React?” is not “it depends”. It’s “every time”. React vs Vue vs Angular vs… First, let’s get something out of the way: in his article, Chris picked React as a stand-in for “front-end libraries” in general, and I’ll do the same here. Plus, React is what I’m most familiar with from my ongoing work…

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The “normal” workflow I’m sure we’ve all lived is that design happens, then coding happens. A healthy workflow has back-and-forth between everyone involved in a project, including designers and developers, but still: The code is the final product. You design your way to code, you don’t code your way to designs. It was only a little over a month ago when it was news that Sketch 43 was moving to a .JSON file format. The final release notes drop the news quite blasé: Revised file format But Jasim A Basheer rightly made a big deal of it: … it will fundamentally change how the design tools game will be played out in the coming years. “enables more powerful integrations for third-party developers” is stating it lightly. This is what the fine folks at Bohemian Coding has done — they opened up Sketch’s file format into a neat JSON making it possible for…

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Front End Development Co-op – Boston Interactive – Charlestown, MA

Collaborate with other developers to handle client requests. Not only will you work on an awesome, tech savy and utterly goofy team of developers, but you’ll be…From Boston Interactive – Wed, 26 Apr 2017 12:01:03 GMT – View all Charlestown jobs Source:

LAMP Stack Website Developer – Lasyte Solutions – Westminster, CO

OOPHP Developer for Websites & Web Applications:. At Lasyte Solutions, you will have the opportunity to work along developers passionate about code…. $15 – $30 an hourFrom Indeed – Tue, 25 Apr 2017 23:18:07 GMT – View all Westminster jobs Source:

Digital Marketing Specialist – Global Health Benefits – Cigna – Wilmington, DE

Act as a representative of CGHB NA to manage, maintain and work with developers on updates to the customer, client and broker portals….From Cigna – Tue, 25 Apr 2017 19:49:24 GMT – View all Wilmington jobs Source:

Drupal is API-first, not API-only

More and more developers are choosing content-as-a-service solutions known as headless CMSes — content repositories which offer no-frills editorial interfaces and expose content APIs for consumption by an expanding array of applications. Headless CMSes share a few common traits: they lack end-user front ends, provide few to no editorial tools for display and layout, and as such leave presentational concerns almost entirely up to the front-end developer. Headless CMSes have gained popularity because: A desire to separate concerns of structure and presentation so that front-end teams and back-end teams can work independently from each other. Editors and marketers are looking for solutions that can serve content to a growing list of channels, including websites, back-end systems, single-page applications, native applications, and even emerging devices such as wearables, conversational interfaces, and IoT devices. Due to this trend among developers, many are rightfully asking whether headless CMSes are challenging the market for…

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PWA Directory

The other day I was watching an interview with Ade Oshineye where he discussed his work on the PWA Directory at Google, a showcase of progressive web apps. And it’s pretty neat! It lists a whole bunch of PWAs out there and you can filter them by Lighthouse metrics – that’s the auditing tool from Google that scores a web app and gives us developers the ability to improve them. Direct Link to Article — Permalink PWA Directory is a post from CSS-Tricks Source: CssTricks

Information Systems Assistant [Temporary] – United Nations – New York, NY

Knowledge of Drupal and ability to manage complex reporting. Performs ongoing reviews with users and developers and responds to users requests….From United Nations – Mon, 24 Apr 2017 09:04:36 GMT – View all New York jobs Source:

Digital Content Designer – Los Angeles County Museum of Art – Los Angeles, CA

Facilitates communication with developers and develops the end product; Experience with Drupal content management system, strong knowledge of HTML and CSS, and…From Los Angeles County Museum of Art – Mon, 24 Apr 2017 07:50:54 GMT – View all Los Angeles jobs Source:

Intern, Mean Stack Developer – SAP – Palo Alto, CA

Working knowledge in Angular Javascript, Drupal or WordPress is a plus. You will be working with product managers, designers, architects and other developers,…From SAP – Sat, 22 Apr 2017 04:38:26 GMT – View all Palo Alto jobs Source:

Core Software, QC Engineer – Digital Domain – Los Angeles, CA

Previous experience with Drupal sites. Work collaboratively with developers, product managers and business users. Purpose of the job:….From Indeed – Sat, 22 Apr 2017 00:34:38 GMT – View all Los Angeles jobs Source:

HIRING 5 FULL STACK DRUPAL DEVELOPERS, Bolzano Italy – Top of The Alps! position is open

Bolzano/ Bozen, BZ, Italy Source:

Facebook F8 2017 – What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook’s F8 conferences have earned the reputation of being one of the most innovative and fascinating tech events of the year. While F8 is known as the “Facebook Developer Conference”, it doesn’t mean there’s only news about high-tech gadgets. In fact, there are also many insights and ideas that social media marketers can use. If you missed the F8 conference live broadcast, it’s not too late to read about all the announcements. We worked hard for you, and gathered together the most important announcements about Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Workplace, Oculus, and other Facebook’s apps. During his (most waited) speech at F8 Mark Zuckerberg said: We are building the technology to give anyone the power to share anything they want with anyone else.” Mark Zuckerberg on the stage of F8 at Fort Mason (San Francisco) And we better believe him. Zooming on Facebook’s 10-year roadmap reveals (as if we didn’t know!)…

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Content Producer – Autodesk – San Francisco, CA

Expertise with web publishing technologies, especially Drupal and Adobe. Collaborate with content strategist, content developers, marketing and product teams to…From Autodesk – Thu, 20 Apr 2017 14:03:40 GMT – View all San Francisco jobs Source:

What Not to Wearable: Part 2

In Part 1, I outlined strategies to coordinate the design goals of digital and physical products. Now, I want to take a look at how employing those strategies might yield wearables that appeal to a broad market. Wearables consist of three designed components: The Product This is the object that will house the hardware.The Hardware These are the technology components that make a product “smart.” It includes the sensors, indicators, transmitters (as well as requisite power sources) that are layered into a physical product to add functionality.The Digital Experience This is the suite of apps and interfaces that the user interacts with in relation to the wearable. It may be on the wearable itself (as in a full-display watch) or synced to a device (as with a fitness tracker). There are many articles (including this one and this one) that offer guidance on designing for wearables. But, they all tend…

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Web Developer (PHP/Laravel) – Zurka Interactive LLC – Vienna, VA

When using a content management system we deploy Drupal. The deadlines are realistic and developers have a wide latitude to explore technologies and techniques….From Zurka Interactive LLC – Thu, 20 Apr 2017 10:08:22 GMT – View all Vienna jobs Source:

Product Owner – U.S. Small Business Administration – Washington, DC

Experience managing/configuring Drupal or another content management system. Collaborate with other product managers, developers, business analysts and software… $66,510 – $131,767 a yearFrom Indeed – Wed, 19 Apr 2017 15:38:44 GMT – View all Washington jobs Source:

Visual Designer – U.S. Small Business Administration – Washington, DC

Knowledge of HTML/CSS and Drupal. Deliver final design assets with annotations for developers to implement on the live website…. $66,510 – $131,767 a yearFrom Indeed – Wed, 19 Apr 2017 15:36:38 GMT – View all Washington jobs Source:

UX/Product Designer – U.S. Small Business Administration – Washington, DC

Knowledge of HTML/CSS and Drupal. Deliver final design assets for developers to implement on the live website…. $66,510 – $131,767 a yearFrom Indeed – Wed, 19 Apr 2017 15:34:29 GMT – View all Washington jobs Source:

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