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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST – University of Washington Medical Center – Seattle, WA

Experience with the content management system Drupal. Once acquisition channels are proven, work with developers to optimize, scale, and automate….From University of Washington Medical Center – Thu, 08 Feb 2018 02:37:57 GMT – View all Seattle, WA jobs Source:

Global Training Day #6 Omsk

Start:  2018-03-17 10:00 – 17:00 Asia/Omsk Organizers:  paych adcillc Event type:  Training (free or commercial) What is Drupal? Drupal is a powerful content management system, which has great standard features such as reliable performance and excellent security. Perhaps you don’t know anything about this CMS, but we are ready to help you. We know Drupal and now we want to share our experience with you. GTD is a great opportunity to do it. The next Drupal Global Training Day will be held on March, 17. The event includes a rich theoretical program. And for those who want to try their hand, we made a practical part. At the free GTD sessions we will talk about: what is Drupal as a content management system; frontend and backend in Drupal; modules development; Drupal community and its benefits. Welcome to Drupal GTD if you are: a student with programming major; a person who…

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Design Systems: Building a Parts Kit

In our series on design systems, we’ve discussed the advantages and approaches to creating a system from a design perspective. In this post, I’d like to cover some of the technical benefits of a well-organized built design system, or “parts kit”. By now, you’re hopefully convinced of the benefits of a design system and are ready to invest the time and money to partner with an agency, like Viget, to create something that achieves your vision. The next step will be to apply it to your digital platforms by building it. But wait! If the design system represents your vision and investment, a good parts kit is like insurance that protects that vision when it goes out into the world. The Importance of Building it Right A well-constructed parts kit has many benefits that can ensure the consistency and longevity of a design system. The investment in development quality is…

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Introduction to Drupal 8 Administration #DrupalGTD 1/2 day training

Start:  2017-12-01 14:00 – 18:00 Australia/Brisbane Organizers:  VladimirAus Event type:  Training (free or commercial) Half day free training will take place on Fri, 01-Dec-2017 (2pm to 6pm) in Brisbane Square Library (Room 1.3, 266 George Street, Brisbane City).… Requirements: – Bring your own laptop Training will cover: – Building website with Drupal 8 content management system – Drupal 8 basic configuration – Drupal 8 data structures and content type – Drupal 8 data structures and content type – Drupal 8 introduction to extensions Training will NOT cover: – Drupal 8 installation – Drupal 8 theming Register here: Source:

Learn to build a Drupal 8 website in our hands-on class (Dec 1, 2017)

Start:  2017-12-01 13:00 – 16:30 America/Los_Angeles Organizers:  douglaschoffman rich.yumul Event type:  Training (free or commercial) INTRO TO DRUPAL 8 The Drupal open-source content management system (CMS) powers more than one million websites and more than twelve percent of the top 100,000 according to BuiltWith. Join us for an introduction to Drupal 8 websites. Hosted by Sagetree, a forward thinking digital agency, crafting compelling brands, using technology and creativity to help you grow. DETAILS: When: Friday December 1st, 2017 from 1:00pm – 4:00pmWhere: Regus @ Gateway Chula Vista, 333 H Street, Suite 5000, Chula Vista, California, 91910What to bring: Wi-Fi enabled laptop with a web browser to participate in the hands on labs This workshop will examine Drupal website architecture, design, site building, theming, module development and data visualization. DRUPAL CONCEPTS Users, roles and permissionsMenu systemContent typesTaxonomiesViews AGENDA 1:00pm – Introductions 1:15pm – Install Drupal 81:30pm – Build basic Drupal 8 site2:00pm – Define taxonomies2:30pm – Define content types3:00pm…

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Drupal Global Training Day in Chennai

Start:  2017-12-02 10:00 – 16:00 Asia/Kolkata Event type:  Training (free or commercial) Drupal Global Training Days is an initiative by the Drupal Association to learn and share new and experienced users about Drupal. The event takes places all over the world on specific dates chosen by Drupal Association. A few of us local techies are conducting a Drupal training program on 2nd December 2017. It will be a lot of fun, and all skill levels are welcome. If you’ve never heard of Drupal before, it’s a powerful CMS platform that runs many of the world’s most popular websites. You can learn more about it on WHY DRUPAL? Drupal is an open source content management system for building websites and online services. The platform is supported by a large international community that continuously maintains and develops it. The biggest advantage of Drupal is its flexibility, as it is fully customizable…

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The evolution of Acquia's product strategy

Four months ago, I shared that Acquia was on the verge of a shift equivalent to the decision to launch Acquia Fields and Drupal Gardens in 2008. As we entered Acquia’s second decade, we outlined a goal to move from content management to data-driven customer journeys. Today, Acquia announced two new products that support this mission: Acquia Journey and Acquia Digital Asset Manager (DAM). Last year on my blog, I shared a video that demonstrated what is possible with cross-channel user experiences and Drupal. We showed a sample supermarket chain called Gourmet Market. Gourmet Market wants its customers to not only shop online using its website, but to also use Amazon Echo or push notifications to do business with them. The Gourmet Market prototype showed an omnichannel customer experience that is both online and offline, in store and at home, and across multiple digital touchpoints. The Gourmet Market demo video…

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Should I Use Drupal 7 or Drupal 8?

Drupal has a reputation for being the most powerful open source content management system. It may be harder than WordPress or Joomla to set up, but it compensates for this with its options and flexibility. Does Drupal 8 continue this tradition? I’m a fairly standard Drupal 7 user, and decided to see how Drupal 8 compares to my current version. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit for full links, other content, and more! ]] Source:

DrupalCAP Workshop at Thakur College of Science and Commerce, Mumbai

Start:  2017-09-09 10:00 – 17:00 Asia/Kolkata Organizers:  kajalkiran Nitesh Sethia ashishdalvi Event type:  Training (free or commercial) DrupalCAP team along with Pune and Mumbai Drupal Community announces Drupal 8 Workshop for students on 9th September, 2017. The basic agenda of this Global Training Day is to give a walk through and hands-on experience on Drupal and Site building to students of Thakur College of Science and Commerce. Following are the details of the workshop : DATE : 9th September 2017 TIME : 10 A.M – 5 P.M. VENUE : Thakur Village,Kandivali (E), Mumbai – 400 101 Tel: 2887 06 27, 28462565 Fax: 2886 8822 Below informations will help you configure your system for using Drupal. System requirements: 1. Running Local Server : Download and Install MAMP/XAMPP/LAMP on your system. Windows User: XAMPP would be preferred (Faster and Easier) Install XAMPP for Windows Linux User: LAMP would be preferred. Run following…

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How Digital Government Is Evolving with Drupal

In 2012 we wrote a blog post about why many of the biggest government websites were turning to Drupal. The fact is, an overwhelming number of government organizations from state and local branches to federal agencies have chosen to build their digital presence with Drupal, and government continues to adopt Drupal as the content management system of choice. Source:

Drupal Training by Valuebound, Bangalore on Drupal Global Training Days

Start:  2017-09-16 10:30 – 15:30 Asia/Kolkata Organizers:  mahaveer003 chishah92 nishantkumar155 Event type:  Training (free or commercial) We, at Valuebound, are excited to announce a hands on ‘Drupal-in-a-day’ training session on the 16th of September 2017 Saturday. This is an initiative coordinated by the Drupal Association as a part of the Global Training Days to introduce new people to the wonderful world of Drupal. Come and be a part of a world wide Drupal community! Make a live website yourself and know how Drupal can help you! Difficulty Level: Introductory Proposed Session: Get a leap on to the world of Drupal 8 . Learn about the main features and concepts of Drupal with live practice sessions. By the end of this training session, you will know about the terminologies associated with Drupal and will be able to understand how Drupal sites are constructed. You will be equipped with the knowledge of…

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An Introduction to Node.js

Decoupled applications are increasing in popularity as brand experiences continue to move beyond the traditional website. Although your content management system (CMS) might house your content alongside Drupal, it doesn’t just stay put. APIs are making calls to extend that content to things like digital signage, kiosks, mobile … really, the sky’s the limit (as long as there’s an API). Decoupled applications are nothing new; Acquia CTO and Founder Dries Buytaert has been writing about this for at least two years. And we’ve been working with clients, such as Princess Cruises and Powdr, to build decoupled experiences and applications for their customers. Why is decoupled Drupal becoming so popular? We see a number of benefits both from our customers’ perspective as well as from our partners. The primary use case for decoupled relates to when our customers need a single source of truth for content that supports multiple applications. Drupal’s…

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Build a Drupal 8 website in 4 hours or less with us!

Start:  2017-09-08 13:00 – 16:00 America/Los_Angeles Organizers:  douglaschoffman rich.yumul Event type:  Training (free or commercial)… INTRO TO DRUPAL 8 The Drupal open-source content management system (CMS) powers more than one million websites and more than twelve percent of the top 100,000 according to BuiltWith. Join us for an introduction to Drupal 8 websites. Hosted by Sagetree, a forward thinking digital agency, crafting compelling brands, using technology and creativity to help you grow. Source:

Step Up Your Demo Game

When we’re working with a client, we need to make sure that they are able to stay informed and involved throughout the entire project process. Conducting periodic demos of our work is one way to keep them in the loop. Whether we’re sharing the first piece of functionality that’s been built or walking through an entire site before launch, demos give clients the chance to see our development work. It also enables them to provide feedback during the early stages of development so they can help shape the end result. Demos are a critical part of the design and development process because they turn abstract ideas into a reality, answer questions, address issues, and demonstrate value. They help us communicate with a range of audiences, including core members of the client team, project stakeholders, content creators, or other vendors. From sharing progress and demonstrating functionality to getting approval and providing…

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Web Developer – Blackbaud – Austin, TX

Familiarity with Sitefinity content management system and various open content management systems (WordPress, Drupal)….From Blackbaud – Thu, 17 Aug 2017 05:09:55 GMT – View all Austin, TX jobs Source:

Global Drupal Training

Start:  2017-09-08 02:00 – 07:00 Africa/Kigali Organizers:  bikilde Event type:  Training (free or commercial) # WE OFFER FREE DRUPAL TRAINING AS PART OF THE SEPT 2017 DRUPAL GLOBAL TRAINING DAYS INITIATIVE! Drupal is content management software. It’s used to make many of the websites and applications you use every day. Join us for a FREE Introduction to Drupal website Development Friday Sept 8th 2017. Hosted by RWANDA DRUPAL COMMUNITY MEMBERS, this event is part of the Drupal Association‘s Drupal Global Training Day. When: Friday Sept 8th from 2:00-7:00pm Where: kLab, ICT Park, 6th Floor, Boulevard de l’Umuganda , Kacyiru What to bring: Wi-Fi enabled laptop This training will give Introduction on building website using Drupal Content Management System. Agenda – Introductions – Install Drupal 8 – Build basic Drupal 8 site – Q&A This training will include hands-on activities. If you wish to participate in practices please bring your own…

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Jacksonville, FL – Drupal Global Training Days 2017

Start:  2017-09-09 09:00 – 17:00 America/New_York Organizers:  Jitesh Doshi Event type:  Training (free or commercial) Full day of Drupal 8 training Saturday, Sep 9, 2017, 6:00 PM UNF Building 15, Room 22031 UNF Dr Jacksonville, FL 4 Drupalers Attending We are celebrating Drupal Global Training Days 2017 on September 9th with a full day of Drupal 8 training which is free and open to public at University of North Florida.Drupal 8 TrainingThis is a full day of training on Drupal 8 CMS.Drupal 8 is the CMS platform (Content Management System) that lets you build complex web sites and web applicati… Check out this Meetup → What: Drupal Global Training Day – Learn Drupal 8 CMS When: Saturday, September 9, 2017 – 9am to 5pm Cost: free, no cost Organized by: JAX Drupal User Group (Jacksonville, Florida) Where: University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL – Building 15, Room 2203 How to register?: See…

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World, Meet Ground Rules

This summer, Viget interns across offices in DC, Durham, and Boulder came together (in spirit) to identify a problem and create a compelling, digital solution. We had ten weeks. We had the combined skills of our five disciplines. We had free snacks. We started with brainstorming. Through the pixelated magic of Google Hangouts, we bemoaned the lack of taco trucks. We mourned the trials of finding free wifi. We grieved over food that goes to waste in the fridge. Nothing felt quite right, until we realized that the problem was in front of us, lukewarm and half-drained. The problem was coffee. As a rule, we drink coffee when we’re tired. But making coffee makes us tired. First of all, there’s finding the right roast — the quest for the perfect blend that inevitably ends with Folgers. We don’t want Folgers, but at least we know what we’re getting with it,…

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