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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

Your Best Investment Ever

This was originally shared via my newsletter. Feel free to subscribe. Hey folks, Wow, has it really been that long since I sent you one of these? Yes, yes it has… on May the 4th actually. And that was a pretty important day, by the way… I had publicly revealed MNML App and wanted to share it with the world. I’m glad it’s out and I’m glad folks are finding it useful, naturally. But that’s not what this newsletter is about, of course. I had some inspiration recently that I wanted to share with you and I thought was important enough to open up the newsletter editor and jot a few thoughts done. Well, let me be even more honest… these thoughts (and that’s the right thing to call them) are much less inspiration and much more of a simple reminder of something that you and I already know about:…

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Podcast: Revisionist History

I’m currently grinding through Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, Revisionist History and I particularly enjoy the way that he works his way through a number of different topics and forces you to reconsider and reevaluate them with a fresh perspective. Every single episode elicits a few head-nods and a few “ah-ha’s” and I really love that. He’s into Season 2 now and I’m working my way through the first before starting no the second. If you’ve got some extra time on your hands or want something fascinating to run in the background as you work, I can’t recommend highly enough Revisionist History. Give it a listen. You can hear it directly on the website or through iTunes. The post Podcast: Revisionist History appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

Mozilla: Web Literacy

This is really neat: A framework for entry-level web literacy & 21st Century skills. Time to level-up a bit. I think it’s pretty clear that the future of work at a macro and micro level will require an ever-growing bench of technical skills. Now, to be clear, I don’t think this means that you necessarily have to become a software developer or code full-time. This is the difference between literacy and fluency, which I’ve spoken about before. This is the difference between knowing how to “read and write” and being a professional writer. Everyone needs to know the former while not everyone needs to do it professionally. Get it done. The post Mozilla: Web Literacy appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

Zero Talent

I saw this shared randomly on the interwebs sometime ago and I thought I’d capture it here and add a few wandering thoughts related to hiring. So, here you go: 10 Things That Require Zero Talent: Being on time Work ethic Effort Body language Energy Attitude Passion Being coachable Going the extra mile Being prepared I’ve reprinted it without change from the original image that I saw. I agree on most of these things, by the way. Strangely, many of us forget how important these things are, especially when we’re hiring folks. Instead, we look for very specific technical skills or expertise, things that we can easily count or measure or qualify as true. But how do you “test” for attitude? How do you qualify someone being truly coachable? Those things are hard to measure and certainly hard to qualify. But they are more important than any particular skill or experience…

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40 Years of Hip Hop

This is mind-blowingly-awesome. I’ve watched it a bunch of times already just to see if I could recognize most of the tunes and vids: The post 40 Years of Hip Hop appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

Creature Comfort

I particularly like the lyrics to this new song via Arcade Fire… and especially the chorus: Some boys hate themselves Spend their lives resenting their fathers Some girls hate their bodies Stand in the mirror and wait for the feedback Saying God, make me famous If you can’t just make it painless Just make it painless Assisted suicide She dreams about dying all the time She told me she came so close Filled up the bathtub and put on our first record It goes on and on, I don’t know what I want On and on, I don’t know if I want it On and on, I don’t know what I want On and on, I don’t know if I want it (On and on I don’t know what I want) (On and on I don’t know if I want it) (On and on I don’t know what I want)…

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Success: Startup School

I’ve mentioned this in the past here but this past Friday I graduated from the class and celebrated with my cohort on a job well-done. Yay. Grateful for the new friends and colleagues that I’ve made and I’m excited about many of the ventures that have big hopes and dreams for the future. TechCrunch had an overview of the 1500+ companies and projects as well, so that’s a decent review and overview. The post Success: Startup School appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

Esad Ribic

Cool: The post Esad Ribic appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

Focus is Power

This couldn’t be more true: via gapingvoid There is something quite amazing about working intentionally on focusing your time and energy and limited resources into just a few things. For instance, over the past year I’ve systematically removed nearly all of my personal projects and experiments and also my social media and networking usage. I haven’t been this “trim” in… well, I honestly can’t remember. And although I wouldn’t have called the feeling that I’ve felt “power”… now that I think upon it that’s actually how I feel. I simply feel more powerful – it’s great. If you feel like you need to focus your time and your efforts than now is the best time to do it. And when you think you’re done there’s a good chance that you could go even further. The post Focus is Power appeared first on John Saddington. Source:


I spent the day with the fine folks at Superhuman and had the distinct pleasure of being onboarded into their new email app. I mention this in the vlog, but, I wanted to capture this moment for posterity because if they are able to move me off of the GMAIL web app after 13 years, then, it would be a literal first! I can’t overstate my commitment to the GMAIL web app after such a long time of using it. I’ve tried every available mail client and app out there but have yet to find a solution that matches the speed and performance of the google’s web service. It’s not that it’s perfect, mind you… it’s just that it’s good enough to get the job done and after 13 years I’ve pretty much resigned myself to it as being the defacto email service. But Superhuman is up for the challenge and I’m quite…

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How to Say Sorry

via NYMAG… The anatomy of an apology looks like this in six components: An expression of regret – this, usually, is the actual “I’m sorry.” An explanation (but, importantly, not a justification). An acknowledgment of responsibility. A declaration of repentance. An offer of repair. A request for forgiveness. Very, very useful to remember. A few more tidbits at the end that are super-pragmatic: Show that you understand the impact of what you did wrong. Don’t say “Sorry if what I said hurt your feelings,” say, “I’m sorry for what I said, and I know it was hurtful.” Don’t say “I regret” in place of “I’m sorry.” It’s not the same thing. “I regret” signifies that you wish you hadn’t gotten caught, or hadn’t gotten in trouble for what you said. It makes everything about you. Don’t use the passive voice. There’s a reason “Mistakes were made” has become an apology cliché.…

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Why Watch Games on YouTube?

This is a question that I’ve gotten more and more the longer that I do a bit of YouTube myself and I’ve internalized a number of rote answers that do just fine. But recently I saw this article straight from the horses’ mouth and I thought it would be useful for other folks. Essentially, the 4 main reasons are: The Community – They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Inclusion – They want to feel included and accepted. For Fun – To escape from their day-to-day, just like when you watch a movie or read a book. Self-Improvement – They want to learn new skills and improve their own performance. Get more details from the post and then read this one on the 3 trends on YouTube that prove gaming culture isn’t niche. Now’s the time to get into video before things really go full-tilt. The post Why…

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On Repeat: I’m Pregnant

Tons of different emotions on this one: The repetition of joy on the grandmother’s face is palpable but also, I imagine, the sadness from the mom-to-be who knows that her mother’s health is fading. Glowing mum-to-be Christine Stone decided to film her mum Setsuko Harmon’s replies each time she informed her of her pregnancy over four days. Despite being afflicted with the memory destroying disease, the 77-year-old breaks into a huge grin and begins clapping with excitement whenever the news is broken. Invariably Setsuko asks her daughter when the baby us due before telling Christine, 38, ‘I’m so glad’ and giggling with joy. This is real life, though. Raw and imperfect. Life and death. What was then and now and will be. The future and the past. But, I think there’s a lot of hope and more than enough to go around. The post On Repeat: I’m Pregnant appeared first…

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Racism, Real

Short, difficult video which gives examples of systemic racism in the United States: It’s hard to watch this and not have a number of conflicting emotions. But, I think that’s an important starting point and is something to both recognize and then discuss with others about. To watch and then to not do anything about it is how these problems will never get fixed. But it starts with us recognizing that there is a problem which means that there is a real possibility of a solution set. And, like most things, it starts with ourselves. The post Racism, Real appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

Apple Design Awards 2017

I love reviewing not only the winning apps (and downloading many of them) but this year they’ve shared a number of pictures of the teams and the people behind the apps that make it all so magical. The human aspect is what gets me the most as I’m perennially-curious about the stories of the folks that choose to build apps, especially those that consider themselves indie developers. The pictures are a fantastic look at behind-the-scenes: It kind of reminds me that these folks are just like you and me… that aren’t super-human but with great technology, a vibrant ecosystem and marketplace, a well-executed idea, and a lot of luck they can do quite well. Congrats! The post Apple Design Awards 2017 appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

Gabriele Dell’otto

Neat: So cool. See more here. The post Gabriele Dell’otto appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

The Power of Rhetoric

I’ve spoken very highly of Jeff Bezos and his continued model and example of leadership is strong (posts here, here, here, and here and also here. He might be one of the best CEOs alive today. A friend (@KevinLee) shared another fantastic article about Bezos and the power rhetoric, keeping visioncasting simple, and repetition. There’s too much here to just quote so you’ll have to go read it for yourself, but I did love this: What Jeff understood was the power of rhetoric. Time spent coming up with the right words to package a key concept in a memorable way was time well spent. People fret about what others say about them when they’re not in the room, but Jeff was solving the issue of getting people to say what he’d say when he wasn’t in the room. And then this: What’s particularly impressive is that Jeff is so brilliant that…

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Bite Size Bitcoin

My brother, who has made a massive career pivot into online video, has launched a new YouTube Channel called “Bite Size Bitcoin” where he’s going to walk folks through the basics of what Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is all about. Here’s his quick intro: You’ll definitely want to subscribe to the channel if you’re interested at all into learning about this type of stuff. Here are also some of his first bite-sized episodes: I can’t wait… because I’m going to learn a lot. The post Bite Size Bitcoin appeared first on John Saddington. Source:

Interland: Be Internet Awesome

This is a neat resource for parents and kids to learn more about things like privacy and cyberbullying and the dangers of the digital world. They even have an interactive world for kids to learn some of the principles and mechanics of these types of situations. Take a look at their virtual playground: Interland. Reality River! Mindful Mountain! Tower of Treasure! Kind Kingdom! I won’t lie… this is good for kids but I’d venture to say that a lot of adults could use a quick reminder of some of these things as well. And the gameplay and graphics and musical score is actually quite good. Really impressed with the work done here! They even have a larger PDF guidebook and resource to download as well, which they are calling a “Digital Citizenship and Safety Curriculum”: You can download it directly here. The post Interland: Be Internet Awesome appeared first on John…

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