College: A Losing Combination

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This isn’t a surprise… the paradigm of education, as it exists today is:

Select a single field of study.
Part with mobility and optionality + tens of thousands of dollars.
Commit to a 4-year investment while having little clue how your chosen field works in the real world.
Have a central planner dictate what’s worth learning within your field.
Have teachers assigned to you with little room for choice.
Focus on the theoretical over the practical, memorization over problem-solving.
Learn from people without skin in the game.
Rely on a document provided by an institution to prove that you learned something.

This, of course, is no longer as relevant or as substantive as it once was as the price and cost of education has gone up while the value and return on investment has gone significantly down.
That’s just a losing combination.
Unless, of course, you want to be in the medical or legal field where you definitely need the rigor and comprehension of study to qualify to operate on other human beings… but other than those types of professions I’m simply finding college to be less of an attractive option, to say the least.
[More specifically, I am finding that computer science to be less valuable… many of my colleagues and software development peers are in agreement. It’s also worth noting that there are many more fields of study that one should definitely consider going to college for…]
I don’t have many regrets in life but I’m starting to feel like my college career was a waste of time. Obviously, there were a ton of really positive things that happened while I was in college but I imagine many of those things could have happened without my enrollment.
But, who’s the know at this point.
For my three (!!!) kiddos, I’ll let them decide on what they want to do when it comes to university, but, I’ll definitely have an opinion – but this isn’t really about the money but rather the return on investment of one’s time, which is the most precious resource and asset that we (all) have.
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