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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

6 Things All Viral Infographics Have in Common

Infographics can capture an audience’s attention quickly, no matter what purpose they’re serving or what industry you’re in. The visual and often graphical nature of infographics can make them efficient tools to get your point across quickly, all in one visually dynamic and concise image. Infographics can go viral in a snap, mainly thanks to how easily they’re shared and read. Having your infographic go viral either on social media or within industry resources can result in major link building and enhanced credibility. Not all infographics are created equal, however, and only some go viral. After taking a look at hundreds of infographics, I’ve found that there are 6 things that (almost) every viral infographics have in common.  1. They Have an Amazing Headline Great headlines shouldn’t be kept to text-only content; having an amazing headline is perhaps the single characteristic that every single viral infographic shares, without fail. Headlines…

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5 Things to Know About Pinterest Promoted Videos by @DannyNMIGoodwin

Pinterest has launched a new type of video advertising called Promoted Video Ads. The new ads are designed to help brands drive more sales.The post 5 Things to Know About Pinterest Promoted Videos by @DannyNMIGoodwin appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Drupal Developer

Geolocation Nominatim Geocoder Widget

Provides a Open Street Map – Nominatim geocoder with a Leaflet map widget for Geolocation fields. Installation Download and install geolocation and leaflet modules. Drupal Developer

Bootstrap Forms UI

UI to control the the form elements provided by the bootstrap_forms theme Drupal Developer

OSTraining: How to Use the Drupal Group Module

In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how you can use the new Group module to organize your site’s users. Group is extremely powerful Drupal 8 module. At the basic level, Group allows you to add extra permissions to content.  At the more advanced level, this module is potentially a Drupal 8 replacement for Organic Groups. Drupal Developer

`font-display` for the Masses

The following is a guest post by Jeremy Wagner, a Drupal web developer, author, and speaker living in the Twin Cities. He’s got a new book on web performance. Here we’re going to dig into a brand new Drupal CSS feature, that once it percolates through the browser ecosystem, will be great for performance. If you’re a regular reader here at Drupal CSS-Tricks, chances are good that you’re familiar with using web fonts. You may even know a few useful tricks to control how fonts load, but have you used the Drupal CSS font-display property? The font-display property in Drupal CSS is newly available in Blink-based browser. It gives us the same power found in browser features such as the Font Loading API and third party scripts such as Bram Stein’s Font Face Observer. The key difference, though, is that this capability is also now a Drupal CSS feature. If…

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Drupal CSS “locks”

Tim Brown with a new (metaphorical) term to describe a value that can fluctuate between two set values: In canal and river navigation, a lock is a device used for raising and lowering vessels between stretches of water that are at different levels. That’s exactly what our formula accomplishes. Our formula is a Drupal CSS calc “lock”. To fluctuate between a 1.3em and 1.5em line-height depending on the screen width: line-height: calc(1.3em + (1.5 – 1.3) * ((100vw – 21em)/(35 – 21))); Bram Stein made a helper plugin for PostDrupal CSS. Part of the “lock” is an additional media query that overrides the value at one end of the extremes. Similar to what Mike Riethmuller did when he was playing with molten leading and how Eduardo Bouças approached viewport sized type with minimums and maximums. Direct Link to Article — Permalink Drupal CSS “locks” is a post from Drupal CSS-Tricks …

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Going for Email Gold: Winning Email Marketing Strategies by @AkiLiboon

In the spirit of sportsmanship, Campaigner compiled five winning strategies that will help you win your next email marketing campaign.The post Going for Email Gold: Winning Email Marketing Strategies by @AkiLiboon appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Drupal Developer

Mediacurrent: Friday 5: 5 Ways to Use Your Browser Developer Tools

TGIF! We hope the work week has treated you well. Drupal Developer

social_media 8.x-1.0

Release notesStable release of sharing services. Download Size md5 hash social_media-8.x-1.0.tar.gz 14.4 KB 52b6de55f587f426146bc4733b8c1fbf 21.89 KB 5c962a9975e7bec1668e263c08ba5f01 Last updated: August 19, 2016 – 11:53Official release from tag: 8.x-1.0Core compatibility: 8.xRelease type: New featuresPackaged Git sha1: 87d1f09bbcb184a1a28ce64dee69ccc66104c90cView usage statistics for this release Drupal Developer

Top Post Authors

This module shows the block with users having most number of posts into the site. Below options can be configured in setting form:- Exclude administrator user (if checked, administrator user won’t be displayed in block) Exclude unpublished posts (if checked, unpublished posts won’t be count) Content types (Only posts from selected content types will be used to count number of post) Show X numbers of top authors in block (input field to enter the integer value) Drupal Developer

Social media share

The social media share module allows the user to share current page to different social media platforms. It is rendered as block, you can place it anywhere of your site. It is flexible to share any page of the site whether it is node, term , panels, view pages so on. Drupal Developer


Cómo funciona la depilación láser en todo tipo de piel? Una consulta es necesaria para determinar el tratamiento con láser específico necesario para satisfacer sus necesidades de depilación. La configuración de nuestros láseres pueden ser ajustados dependiendo de su cabello y el color de la piel. Conbdebonita ofrece la última tecnología de eliminación del vello, por lo que las limitaciones son mínimas. De hecho, nuestro nuevo láser de Candela GentleMax TM está diseñado específicamente para su uso en los tonos de piel luz y la oscuridad. * Nota: si tiene el pelo rubio o rojo, láser no será tan afectiva, ya que el láser recoge el contraste entre el folículo piloso y la pigmentación de la piel. Con el pelo rubio y rojo, el pelo de la piel pigmentación diferencia es mucho menor. Es dolorosa la depilación láser? Durante la depilación láser, los pacientes refieren una sensación de chasquido. En su…

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Views Blogspot Archive

This module provides a blogger(blogspot) like archive style option for Views. You can set the field based on which archive need to be created in views style settings. Github URL: For 7.x and 6.x: Simple Node Archive Blocks Drupal Developer

Nuvole: Optimal deployment workflow for Composer-based Drupal 8 projects

Considerations following our Drupal Dev Day Milan and Drupalaton presentations; and a preview of our DrupalCon training.This post is an excerpt from the topics covered by our DrupalCon Dublin training: Drupal 8 Development – Workflows and Tools. During the recent Nuvole presentations at Drupal Dev Days Milan 2016 and Drupalaton Hungary 2016 we received a number of questions on how to properly setup a Drupal 8 project with Composer. An interesting case where we discovered that existing practices are completely different from each other is: “What is the best way to deploy a Composer-based Drupal 8 project?”. We’ll quickly discuss some options and describe what works best for us. What to commit You should commit: The composer.json file: this is obvious when using Composer. The composer.lock file: this is important since it will allow you to rebuild the entire codebase at the same status it was at a given point…

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animations 8.x-1.x-dev

Release notesinitial release Download Size md5 hash animations-8.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 12.75 KB 55104c7fba0238083a1b9b79fd3c3606 17 KB 5192936dc3b6baf470ab1e43304f1bea Last updated: August 19, 2016 – 11:53Last packaged version: 8.x-1.0+2-devDevelopment release from branch: 8.x-1.xCore compatibility: 8.xRelease type: New featuresShort Description: initial releasePackaged Git sha1: db0e4d4a27a46abd67dcdbcce17b64ad15e39097View usage statistics for this release Drupal Developer


Allow setting multiple variables, including arrays and complex structures in a single drush command using JSON files. This will also let you directly import variables exported via drush –format=json vget SUBSTRING Drupal Developer

SEJ’s Growth Since 2013 with Jenise Henrikson #MarketingNerds

In the 100th episode of Marketing Nerds, Jenise Henrikson shares the humble beginnings and journal of making Search Engine Journal grow as a publication.The post SEJ’s Growth Since 2013 with Jenise Henrikson #MarketingNerds appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Drupal Developer

Bootstrap Forms

Bootstrap Forms is a parent theme that is based upon the core ‘stable’ theme. Bootstrap Library Installation You will need to install the bootstrap-sass library into the /libraries folder of your drupal installation. You can download the library here. Theme Installation If you are using your own subtheme then be sure to set bootstrap_forms as the base theme e.g. core: 8.x base theme: bootstrap_forms Alternatively I have provided an example subtheme that has the scss files setup to import bootstrap’s scss files in the correct order allowing its variables to be overridden easily. 1. Copy over the starterkit from the`bootstrap_forms/starterkit/example` directory into your site’s `themes` directory. 2. Rename the folder to a unique machine readable name. e.g. mysubtheme 3. Rename `./mysubtheme/example.starterkit.yml` to match your new theme name and change starterkit.yml to info.yml Usage All form elements can be controled via the attributes below, alternatively you can use the bootstrap_forms_ui module…

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