Best Shopify Apps To Start An Affiliate Program For Your E-Commerce Store

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Your online store could take off by adding affiliates in your network. Your products will not only be sold more quickly, but your shop will also be widely known through your affiliates who will be responsible in promoting your page.
Here are some apps that you may want to check to start an affiliate program for your Shopify store:

Refersion: Affiliate Tracking
For newbies in online selling, Refersion is a reliable app that will help you build connections and linkages with bloggers, celebrities, and other famous individuals  to help you create a network of your own. While the app sounds a bit too technical, it assures online sellers that it does not only cater to those who are savvy about technology and the latest gadgets, because its interface is easy to understand.
Omnistar Affiliate Software
Your main goal in your online selling business is to increase sales and market reach. Your website, for that matter, plays an integral role in your business because this is where your visitors (and your future customers) will view your products. If you are looking for an app that can create partnerships for you, then Omnistar Affiliate Software is probably the best in that area.
The members of the app team are committed to help you increase your sales with their massive marketing of your products by helping you expand your email list and by generating leads to your website. The managing team of this app is also ready to answer your questions via phone or live chat.
With Enlistly, you can instantly track orders through your affiliates, and you can set commission rates for each of your affiliates depending on the products sold.
This app also has the capacity to match a unique url with your affiliates, so that once a transaction has been closed, you can easily track which of your affiliates was able to sell the products. You can also communicate with your affiliates through the instant messaging feature of this app.
LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing
Before you even decide to expand your online selling business through your affiliates, LeadDyno takes you one step ahead by providing you a network list of possible people who you might want to tap. This app also comes with the Affiliate Invitation feature that allows the user to automatically invite customers to become part of your own affiliate program.
Also, your queries regarding the features of the app can be sent through email or phone. This allows the user and managing team of the app to directly communicate and resolve issues in utilizing LeadDyno for your Shopify experience.
Affiliatly: affiliate tracking app
Affilialty is an app recommended for users who want to strengthen their links only with active affiliates by controlling or tracking their status. Your affiliates can also create their own market and links while promoting your shops to their network members. As for the less active ones, the users may opt to block them through this app.
Affilialty also eases payment between the users and their affiliates through Paypal or gift cards from your store. You can also export your affiliates list, their transactions, and order status in spreadsheet format.
Now that these apps have been introduced to you, you may start brewing the details of your online business expansion through your affiliates. It is highly suggested that you avail of the free trial so that you can learn how the apps’ interface works.
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