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Viget is honored to be recognized among the winners of AIGA DC’s biennial design competition and exhibition. The AIGA 50 judges selected our work for ESPN’s LeBron’s Journey and the Ad Council & AARP’s Ace Your Retirement among the Washington D.C. area’s best 50 pieces across all categories from the past two years.
Here’s a little more about Viget’s winning entries:

LeBron’s Journey
When you’re ESPN, and LeBron James becomes one of the Top-10 points leaders in NBA history, you’re going to have something to say about it. To mark the event, we began collaborating with ESPN’s editorial team to design something unique. We knew we needed to capture the drama of the accomplishment and highlight the stats that underscored its significance. The interactive experience we created lets fans track LeBron’s journey from draft day to present day, and offers some predictions about what it will take to become the greatest of all time.

Ace Your Retirement
Three out of four Americans between 55 and 64 have less than $30K saved for retirement. Finding a creative way to address that sobering statistic was the challenge brought to us by the Ad Council and AARP. We needed a more positive and engaging way to empower 50-somethings to save, so we nixed the often grim and impersonal financial calculators and instead created an approachable retirement chatbot named Avo. Avo guides users through 3 minutes of delightful animations and easy-to-answer questions, providing a personalized set of the top 3 actions each user can take to get their retirement on track.

Visit the AIGA 50 website to see all fifty winning entries from the 2018 competition and exhibition.

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) is the oldest and largest professional organization for design. Founded in 1984, the Washington, D.C. chapter (aka AIGA DC) has grown to include more than 1,000 individuals from Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

Source: VigetInspire

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