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rfp-robotRFP ROBOT: Website Request for Proposal Generator

The time has come for a new website (or website redesign), which means you need to write a website request for proposal or web RFP. A Google search produces a few examples, but they vary wildly and don’t seem to speak really to your goals for developing or redesigning a new website. You need to write a website RFP that will clearly articulate your needs and generate responses from the best website designers and developers out there. But how?

Have no fear, RFP Robot is here. He will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you work through the details of your project and create a PDF formatted website design RFP that will provide the information vendors need to write an accurate bid. RFP Robot will tell you what info you should include, point out pitfalls, and give examples.

Senior LAMP/Python Developer – POP – Seattle, WA

Preferred experience with CMS systems like WordPress, Expression Engine, Drupal, and Django. Software development often takes on the most challenging…From POP – Thu, 31 Aug 2017 21:18:03 GMT – View all Seattle, WA jobs Source:

Senior Drupal Developer (FTE or Contract) position is open

NJ, United States Source:

Where Do New Jobs Come From?

Each position has its own origin story. Some roles existed when Viget first came to be, but many broke off from other positions as the internet industry evolved and specialization increased — like Front-End Developers and UX Designers (whose responsibilities were, long ago, rolled up into the Designer role). Just recently, we started recruiting for the new-to-us Digital Content Producer position, not in response to the industry evolving as much as Viget evolving. I thought I’d share the background and context out of which this new role came to be. The position arose from conversations about wanting to do more with our abundant treasure chest of awesome client work, admirable company traditions, beautiful office spaces, and talented employees. We have great content and fertile ground for more great content, but we needed to address some gaps and answer some questions. Here are some of the conversations we were having: For…

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Google AdWords Will Track How Often Your Shopping Ad is Displayed First by @MattGSouthern

Google AdWords will now report on how often one of your shopping ads appears in the top position.The post Google AdWords Will Track How Often Your Shopping Ad is Displayed First by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

Project Manager – Digital – Mediacurrent – United States

Work with our elite team of Drupal developers and designers to create award-winning websites for our clients….From Mediacurrent – Thu, 31 Aug 2017 16:40:39 GMT – View all United States jobs Source:

Web Systems Developer position is open

Champaign, IL, United States Source:

Google is Testing Infinite Scroll in Mobile Search by @MattGSouthern

Google has been spotted testing infinite scroll search results pages in mobile search.The post Google is Testing Infinite Scroll in Mobile Search by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

Top 5 Trends in The Tech Industry’s Customer Community Engagement (WEBINAR)

Last week Phase2 and Acquia joined forces to host a webinar on optimizing online community engagement with the latest community support site trends in the tech industry. Today’s software customers demand seamless, helpful, and empathetic interactions with customer support. If a user has a negative experience with your support platform, they’ll remember it (and tell all of their friends about it!), ultimately damaging your brand reputation and impeding your customer  acquisition and retention goals. Source:

Startup + Community = Great Things Together

It’s too dangerous to go it alone. You know this and I know this. We achieve so much more together, as a team, than without one. Going “solo” sounds sexy and looks pretty cool on the silver movie screen, but, those are fantastical (but entertaining!) lies that we should never try to emulate. Instead, let’s do it together – whatever “it” is. I was reminded starkly of this when we received this comment in The Bitcoin Pub, a new but growing community of crytocurrency enthusiasts: via The Bitcoin Pub The text is below: Guys I just wanted all of you to know. This thing that we all are a part of, what ever it is, means so damn much to me. It’s the first time in my life that I feel such a huge desire to be a part of a community. And it’s not at all about the money,…

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5 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

You know about interest-based audiences. You know about Facebook custom audiences. You know about dynamic product ads. You retarget website visitors. You retarget leads. But that’s the extent of your targeting.  Most Facebook targeting options like these are based off buying cycle stages. That’s good! It means you’re attempting to present the right offer at the right time. But of Read more Source:

A Book Apart

(This is a sponsored post.)You know A Book Apart! They’ve published all kinds of iconic books in our field. They are short and to the point. The kind of book you can read in a single flight. I wrote on not so long ago called Practical SVG. Fortunately for us both, SVG isn’t the most fast-moving technology out there, so reading this book now and using what you learn is just as useful now as it ever was. More interested in JavaScript, they got it. HTML? CSS? Typography? Responsive Design? All covered. In fact, you should probably just browse the library yourself, or get them all. Better still, now is the time to do it, because 15% of all sales will directly benefit those affected by Hurrican Harvey. Direct Link to Article — Permalink A Book Apart is a post from CSS-Tricks Source: CssTricks

How to Write Better Code: The 3 Levels of Code Consistency

When working on an article about user-centered web development I ended up exploring a bit more the topic of consistency in code. Consistency is one of the key reasons why we need coding guidelines and also a factor for code quality. Interestingly enough, so I noted, there are three levels of consistency: individual, collective, and institutional. Level 1: Individual Consistency At a basic level, when there’s little standardization in our organization (or when we simply work alone), consistency simply means to be consistent with ourselves. We benefit from always formatting code the same way. If we, just the one of us each, usually omit unneeded quotes around attribute values as is absolutely valid, as such projects prove, we should always do so. If we prefer not to end the last declaration in a CSS rule with a semicolon, we should never ot do so. If we prefer to always use…

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Drupal Training by Valuebound, Bangalore on Drupal Global Training Days

Start:  2017-09-16 10:30 – 15:30 Asia/Kolkata Organizers:  mahaveer003 chishah92 nishantkumar155 Event type:  Training (free or commercial) We, at Valuebound, are excited to announce a hands on ‘Drupal-in-a-day’ training session on the 16th of September 2017 Saturday. This is an initiative coordinated by the Drupal Association as a part of the Global Training Days to introduce new people to the wonderful world of Drupal. Come and be a part of a world wide Drupal community! Make a live website yourself and know how Drupal can help you! Difficulty Level: Introductory Proposed Session: Get a leap on to the world of Drupal 8 . Learn about the main features and concepts of Drupal with live practice sessions. By the end of this training session, you will know about the terminologies associated with Drupal and will be able to understand how Drupal sites are constructed. You will be equipped with the knowledge of…

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Ranking #1 is Pointless – Here’s Why Your SEO Goal is Leads, Not Rankings by @gmehrguth

Learn why your SEO goal should be leads instead of rankings and how you can boost your conversion rates.The post Ranking #1 is Pointless – Here’s Why Your SEO Goal is Leads, Not Rankings by @gmehrguth appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

5 Reasons Why Chatbots Need to Be Part of Your Social Strategy by @LWilson1980

Here are the biggest reasons why you need to make social media chatbots part of your social media strategy.The post 5 Reasons Why Chatbots Need to Be Part of Your Social Strategy by @LWilson1980 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Source:

Issue 305

Issue 305 – August, 31st 2017 We have a bit of an abbreviated issue this week due to my travel schedule. I’ll be back home and back to normal next week. ~ Bob Kepford Source:

On Building (Online) Communities

My brother has put together something pretty special over at The Bitcoin Pub and it’s recently blasted through the 1M pageviews mark in record fashion. Quite honestly, I’m stunned to see it going so well and the technology systems that are in place are holding up quite well – cloud services are pretty amazing when deployed thoughtfully and carefully… I’ve been fortunate enough to grow a few communities myself over the years and have even put together a number of forums up that have done okay. Some of them were larger than others while some made money while others did not. But despite all of their differences there were a few distinct patterns that emerged, the first being that a community that’s “working” is one that doesn’t require much management. More specifically, it doesn’t require as much moderation. A community that self-organizes and creates a culture that is relatively self-policing is…

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Entertainment Tonight using Drupal

Entertainment Tonight is the number one entertainment news magazine in the world, and has been on the air for over 30 years. Fans around the world rely on Entertainment Tonight to receive news and updates on their favorite celebrities and stars. I recently discovered that the newest star featured on Entertainment Tonight was Drupal 8! Entertainment Tonight’s new Drupal 8 website,, receives 19 million monthly unique visitors, making it the second most visited entertainment news website. Check it out at! Source: Dries Buytaert

Building an Open Source Photo Gallery with Face and Object Recognition (Part 2)

In part one of this two-part series, I explained why my Hackathon team wanted to build an open source photo gallery in Drupal 8, and integrate it with Amazon S3, Rekognition, and Lambda for face and object recognition. In this post, I’ll detail how we built it, then how you can set it up, too! tl;dr: Check out the open source Drupal Photo Gallery project on GitHub, and read through its README for setup instructions so you can build an intelligent photo gallery powered by Drupal and AWS Rekognition. Storing images on a Amazon S3 with the S3FS module Once we had a basic Drupal 8 site running on Acquia Cloud with a ‘Gallery’ content type and an ‘Image’ Media type, we switched the Image’s Media entity image field to store images in Amazon S3 instead of Drupal’s public files directory. The S3 File System module makes this easy. We…

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